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This is a to-do list for the wiki, not XMMS2 itself. The bug tracker is the to-do list for XMMS2 - see Reporting bugs for details. If you're new to this wiki, see the wiki guidelines.

  • (continuously) improve navigation around the wiki.
  • Project Status is very poorly maintained. It probably needs to be replaced with something that is semi-automatically updated - possibly with integration with mantis.
  • Try and improve information about tools and dependencies needed to build, install and/or package XMMS2. Possibly provide distro-specific instructions about installing tools and dependencies.
  • Have a packaging guidelines page?
  • Using the application could probably explain a bit more about how to use xmms2-launcher
  • update references to decoder/transport -> xform
  • Add a 'featured client' box to the home page
  • Merge README & About pages -> Use new About page as basis for README distributed with code tree.
  • Write a 'hacking howto' or similar -> improve Developer Corner so it tells interested contributors what they should know/do to contribute to XMMS2.
  • Enhance Roadmap for possible inclusion in sidebar menu
  • Move Sitemap & recent changes to toolbox

These are a few more specific things relating to certain pages.

  • FAQ
    • When will XMMS2 be released As a non-Developer release?
      • isn't that already the case?
    • Why does XMMS2 require SQLite3 and why is the db backend not selectable?
      • is the s4 switch ready yet?
    • How do I bind hotkeys to xmms2 commands?
      • maybe link to the contribs page?
    • Seems like you are using a non-standard buildsystem, why not Make?
      • the waf switch is already done, isn't it?
    • When I add my media collection to the playlist, x files don't show up.
      • the bug mentioned in A2 is marked as resolved. should that part be removed?
  • Contribs
    • XPLAY
      • The svn server doesn't work any more
    • Init Scripts
      • the bug has since been rejected, remove this, too?
    • BSD init scripts
      • the contrib folder on 404s.
    • Play-Pause toggle client (python, C)
      • nycli does this perfectly, does it not? why have it?
    • XChat2 info script
      • the server doesn't seem to exist any more. remove it?
    • Bash tab completion for the xmms2 client
      • the page linked to ("bash tab completion for the CLI") seems much more comprehensive. but is it still up to date?
    • the rest still needs looking at.
  • Submitting code
    • Suggestions speaks of SConscript files. how does this section translate to the waf build system?
  • Project_Status
    • This page appears to be out of date, too. Maybe it would be best to actually write a script that generates the page instead of doing it by hand?
  • :Category:GSoC
    • What happened to the projects? Which one have been done, which one have produced results? There seems to be a complete lack of information for all of these.

(''add more todo items to this list')

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