Windows Directory Structure

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The Problem

All the POSIX OS flavors separate executables, libraries, configuration, documentation, etc. Windows doesn't do this and likes to throw all of this stuff together beneath a single directory.

What this means for Windows clients is that they will all tend to install their own libraries and configuration separately. Libraries can be mismatched versions and can easily go out-of-date and configuration can be difficult to track down.

The Proposal

XMMS2 on Windows needs a directory hierarchy standard. There need to be set places for executables, libraries, headers, and configuration.

  • \
    • Program Files\
      • XMMS2\
        • xmms2d.exe
        • xmms2.exe
        • in-tree service clients(e.g. xmms2-mdns, medialib-updater)
          • %CLIENT_NAME%\
            • some executable stuff.exe
            • some documentation.chm
            • some eye candy.png
            • some application-specific libraries.dll
          • Lib\
            • libxmmsclient**-whatever**.dll
          • Plugins\
            • libxmms_whatever.dll
          • Include\
            • xmms\
              • xform-building stuff
            • xmmsc\
              • common headers
            • xmmsclient\
              • client library headers
    • %HOME% (usually \Documents and Settings\%USER%\)
      • Application Data\
        • xmms2\
          • xmms2.conf
          • clients\
            • cli.conf
            • %CLIENT_NAME%\
              • some configuration stuff
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