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Oh, so you are about to edit the wiki. Cool, community effort and collaboration is what opensource is all about (that's why this is a wiki and everyone is allowed to make changes, but you already knew that).

BUT! To help keep the information in this wiki (at least some minimal degree) structured, please read and follow this policy (well, the reading isn't important as long as you follow it).

  • Don't just add questions to the FAQ or other pages, add them to the related talk page (click on the 'discussion' tab at the top of the page) or better still - ask your questions on the on mailing list or IRC.
  • The above rule applies to all pages, it's better to ask questions on mailing list or irc. However, it is a good idea to add the ANSWER to those questions to the wiki.
  • Don't forget to categorize new pages by adding . You can see existing categories at Special:Categories.
  • If you're an XMMS2 client developer, know how to add information about your client to the wiki. Also remember to add the talkpage for your client to your watchlist.
  • Keep discussions on Talk pages.


  • The 'XMMS2:' namespace is to be used for pages relating specifically to 'XMMS2' as the project or the wiki itself, rather than 'XMMS22' as the software (which is produced as part of the project).
  • A pseudo-namespace in the context of this wiki is a namespace that isn't really recognised (hasn't been registered) by the wiki software, but is still written as part of an article title as if it were a different namespace, for example: 'Client:Foo'.
    • The 'Client:' pseudo-namespace is to be used for pages with information about XMMS2 clients. These pages may have sub-pages, such as 'Client:Foo/Feature_X' to contain information relating specifically to those clients.
    • The 'Component:' pseudo-namespace is to be used for pages with information about components of the XMMS2 system, such as plugins.

Additional guidelines

  • Edits that only correct spelling errors or minor grammatical errors should be set as 'minor edits'.
  • Try to provide an informative edit summary for every edit if possible.
  • For questions about XMMS2, try to contact the team instead of putting up questions on the wiki.
  • If there are major changes you want to make to a page, or you just want to show how you want to change a page, make up a Sandbox page. Simply create a page like User:Foo/Sandbox/SomePage (where 'Foo' is your username) and edit away. If your changes are approved, then you can change the real page.
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