XMMS2 Mac OS X Notes

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Note that this page refers to the XMMS2 XCode port that tries to make XMMS2 better compatible Mac OS X.


To create tools for building XMMS2 with the Mac OS X tools. For better integration with Mac OS X and the iPhone. This should also make it easier for people that want to create Cocoa clients.


  1. Install XCode

  2. Install macports (make sure they are installed in /opt/local)

  3. install git, glib2, libmad, libvorbis

  4. Checkout the code

    1. git clone git.xmms2.org:/xmms2/macosx/build.git
    2. cd build.git
    3. git clone git.xmms2.org:/xmms2/xmms2-tru.git#macbuild xmms2
    4. git clone git.xmms2.org:/xmms2/macosx/xmmsclient-objc.git
  5. Open xmms2-macbuild.xcodeproj in XCode

  6. Build

This should build xmms2d, xmmsclient.framework, xmmsclient++.framework and xmmsclient-objc.framework


  • Make XMMS2 build with XCode - *works*
  • Make it easier to bundle xmms2d with an .APP bundle
    • Embed the plugins in the core - *works*, depends on hacks in xmms2-tru#macbuild branch. Make this better.
  • Integrate with Mac OS X services
    • Pause music when computer goes to sleep - *not started*
    • Play/Pause/Next from the multimedia buttons - *not started*
    • Announce XMMS2 with mDNS - *not started*
  • Create a framework of the client bindings - *works*
  • Create Objective-C bindings for xmmsclient
    • bind all functions - *started*
    • make a playlist model - *not started*
    • make a collection model - *not started*
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