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XMMS2:Privacy policy

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Some services associated with the XMMS2 Project may require some personal or other information from you. This is how we collect and use this information.

Note: This is not a legal document, and has not been approved by any legal counsel. However, we believe it outlines good-faith measures to inform users of web sites and services associated with the XMMS2 Project about how their personal information may be collected and used.

Information Collected

  • Whenever you browse this wiki, or associated XMMS2 web sites/services (under the domain), your IP address and time of visit are logged. Some information about your browser and operating system is also recorded, as well as any referral information (HTTP Referer request header) sent by your browser.
  • Some more information (such as search queries, returning visits, etc) is also collected via Google Analytics about usage of this wiki and if you have javascript turned on.
  • Your name (nickname, or otherwise) and e-mail address are required as part of the registration process for some XMMS2 Project services - for example, this wiki, the bug tracker and the mailing list.

Usage of information

  • Anonymous records of web browsing activity may be analysed at times, to determine the overall popularity of various sites, pages and services.
  • Authorised project members may further analyse information collected to build a picture of the audience XMMS2 web sites and services are attracting. This includes analysis of search queries, geographical location based on IP address, and so on.
  • Names, e-mail addresses and other personal information collected (apart from being used as unique identification to log in to some services) is used primarily to enable XMMS2 Project members to contact registered users when needed. Such information is neither normally disclosed to any third parties, nor is it used to market specific commercial products.

XMMS2 ET Phone Home Agent

While not relating specifically to the use of XMMS2 Project web sites, as an XMMS2 user, you might like to be aware of xmms2-et, a small XMMS2 client which sends anonymous data about your usage of XMMS2. This data is used primarily to give developers an idea about how (and how much) various components of XMMS2 are being used. The data collected is not released to any third parties (other than aggregate statistics via Read more about it on the ET page.


The XMMS2 Project does not claim to hold your information safe from any kind of harm. While we endeavour to keep your information secure, the XMMS2 Project may not be held responsible for the loss of security of your information - YOU SUBMIT INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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