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XMMS2Forge proposal

Scope and purpose

XMMS2Forge is a service to be provided for developers developing XMMS2 clients, XMMS2-related tools (for example, covert art managers, etc) or other XMMS2-related projects. XMMS2Forge is not for the hosting of general purpose projects.


XMMS2Forge will offer the following services:

  • A git repository, viewable and accessible via git.xmms2.org
  • Limited user accounts and groups on xmms2.xmms2.org (restricted to git-shell)
  • Project access on the XMMS2 bug tracker: bugs.xmms2.org
  • [Optional?] mailing list
  • [Optional?] Hosting of small web site about project





Maybe we should start with just a simple script that adds git-only useraccount and sets up a tree correctly. And if that tree has a website/ directory it is automatically checked out into /var/www/xmms2forge/ or something..

Oh, and adds a project to mantis and makes the user admin for that project too.


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