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NOTE: This page is unrelated to the XMMS2 project, this is a borrowed page since we're too lazy to set up a mediawiki for ourselves tonight. :)



do we _really_ want to keep this plugin around in xmms anylonger? sure, it's a simple demo plugin, but.. really.. we should nuke it :) This is one of those headaches we shouldn't bother with (nowadays)

probably this one aswell

I think that most of the problems with the GL plugin relates to people that have shot themselves in the foot, often by using the wrong version of libGL. On the other hand, I wouldn't be sad to see the GL plugin go. It would be nice to pacage it separately if we do though. - havardk

time bug(s)

this ought to be sorted out, which are mad plugins, which are caused by the "old" time bug that's bee around in the cvs since _after_ the release of 1.2.10 (you know the one you fixed the other day)

I'm quite confident that we don't have a problem with this any more -havardk

Important Multiple tags in ogg files gets deleted, ie title=hello title=korv will be reduced to only title=hello if tag is saved. Possible callback race, verify and fix, or disprove and close Fix .spec and close PATCH frame size assumption by xmms (could this be related to bug PATCH Analyzer stops working INSTALLPREFIX undeclared in Possible double free (race) in mainwin_quit_cb().

Interesting PATCH Reads playlist song title entries from .pls files PATCH Ignore missing files when skipping backwards. Current behavior is if song a exists, b is missing and c is playing. Press back and xmms jumps to b, finds it missing and jumps forward to c again. Patch alters this to allow the user to skip from c to a by pressing back

  • This thing just almost works, buggy wrt to cdaudio files. Not 1.2.11 material. PATCH Uses the xfont in the minimized playlist. Not sure if we should apply this or not, as the minimized playlist has very limited space. However, this might just aswell be up to the user. We save CDDB queries in ~/.xmms/cdinfo instead of "standard" ~/.cddb/[ID] PATCH Having title data enabled while streaming through proxy removes headers and as such causes bleeps and blops PATCH Alters the way we select multiple entries in the playlist. Please test When streaming files we should honour the header for filename instead of the url? I'm torn... PATCH Seek in streams, olden golden Allow overriding user agent for http streaming, should be trivial enough, and we already allow something simmilar for the CDDB query GET http request doesn't follow RFC 1945 xmms /dev/ hangs :) and play location aswell xmms hangs when adding a fifo (or dir with fifo) Equalizer jumps after pressing apply or ok in preferences under, ... *artistic pause* vtwm :) Rewinding freeze the visualizations (both alsa and oss on knirchs system) related? PATCH Handle SIGINT, SIGTERM PATCH song_change plugin doesn't update when a stream title changes

Possible dupes

Equalizer, not applied at start type of bugs:,,

Mails (whole thread) about ipv6 crud alter -Q behaviour, looks sane enough (whole thread) (continued) improved decoding of URL special characters, relates to 366 dueling playlists.. looks interesting, should read this patch interesting patch about getting status about a bunch of things from the commandline.. look at

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