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+ HSX11 1.00
+ A Haskell binding for X11
+In preparation for a major release of HSX11, we are making an alpha
+release for folk to play with. We welcome bug reports, comments on
+how the system is packaged, the web page, examples, comments from
+those who build binary and source packages, etc. and especially
+welcome comments accompanied by patches or cvs commit messages.
We are pleased to announce a new release of the Haskell binding for
X11 which provides a binding to most of Xlib. The library is
distributed as open source.
-The library can be downloaded from:
+The library can be downloaded from:
You will need GreenCard 3.00 and GHC 6.0 to build the library.
-Installation instructions are in x11/Install.
+Installation instructions are in HSX11-1.0/INSTALL.
Bug reports should be sent to
-Alastair Reid
+Alastair Reid
+ps Though they are really independent issues, it is worth
+noting two other things about this release:
+1) We have created a page which
+ contains a list of Haskell packages and acts as a 'homepage' for
+ packages like this that are too small to justify a full homepage.
+ Please feed this page.
+2) This release is based on the GHC team's fptools infrastructure
+ which is evolving in the direction of supporting packages like this
+ one. We welcome comments on this infrastructure and, especially,
+ offers to help make it better.
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+cd /tmp
+mkdir HSX11-1.00
+cd HSX11-1.00
+cvs checkout fpconfig
+cvs checkout fptools/libraries/X11
+(cd fptools; autoconf)
+cp fptools/libraries/X11/INSTALL .
+cp fptools/libraries/X11/LICENSE .
+cp fptools/libraries/X11/README .
+cd ..
+tar zcf HSX11-1.00.tar.gz HSX11-1.00
+scp HSX11-1.00.tar.gz

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