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Contributing guide

Thank you

Firstly, thanks for thinking about contributing to this project and xmpp-ftw in general!

Here's some guidelines that will help you get your pull requests merged more quickly/easily.

Note: If there's a feature you'd like, there's a bug you'd like to fix, or you'd just like to get involved please raise an issue and start a conversation. We'll help as much as we can so you can get contributing - although we may not always get back right away :)

What can I do?

  • Bug fixes
    • Please see the issues list
  • New features
    • New features are great. If we can be of any help before you make a PR please let us know
  • New XEPs
    • Thinking of implementing a new XEP? Please let us know so we can help
  • Documentation
    • Documentation is awesome! If you can help please do so
    • Includes translations
  • Examples / tutorials
    • If you'v written examples or a tutorial please let us know and we'll add it to our code

Coding standards

Most of the coding standards are covered by .jshintrc. You can also test any changes with grunt test (this will also run the tests).

Things not covered by jshint:

  • Unless required no semicolons they are not required
  • Short one-line if statements do not require nipple brackets (provided functionality is clear)
  • Multiple conditionals within an if statement should be surrounded by brackets
  • exports/module.exports should be at the end of the file
  • Longer, descriptive variable names are preferred, e.g. error vs err

Otherwise, if in doubt, follow the style of existing code.


All code (unless very trivial, or documentation) should be accompanied by tests. If you are unsure about testing please make a pull request and we'll try and help you get some tests in place for your code.

Tests are run using npm test and should all pass before you make a pull request.

If you pull request relates to an issue, please name your test after the issue number (e.g. 'issue #58') so we can track it if there is a regression.