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xmrMiner - A CUDA based miner for Monero

xmrMiner 0.3.0 is ready for the Monero hardfork v7

This project is forked from KlausT's ccminer version. ccminer is developed by Christian Buchner's & Christian H.'s and modified by tsiv for Cryptonight mining.

Performance Overview

gpu launch param xmrMiner [hash/s] KlausT ccminer [hash/s] speedup [%] clock [MHz] watt system
k80* 24x39 482 395 22 875 115 ubuntu 14.04
K80* Amazon AWS 24x39 469 399 25 875 128 ubuntu 14.04
k20 24x39 397 314 26 758 99 ubuntu 14.04
P100 72x56 1640 1630** 0 1328 92 ubuntu 14.04
GTX TITAN X 16x48 633 579 9 1151 132 ubuntu 14.04
GT 555M 64x6 102 68 50 default x windows 7
C2070 32x28 324 146 120 540 x ubuntu 14.04

* used one of two GPU sockets

** patched version to support memory >4GiB


If you find any bugs don't be afraid to open an issue.

Requirements/ Install


The optimal parameter for --launch=TxB depend on your GPU. For all GPU's with a compute capability >=3.0 and <6.0 there is a restriction of the amount of RAM that can be used for the mining algorithm. The maximum RAM that can be used must be less than 2GB (e.g. GTX TITAN) or 1GB (e.g. GTX 750-TI). The amount of RAM used for mining can be changed with --launch=TxB.

  • T = threads used
  • B = CUDA blocks started (must be a multiple of the multiprocessors M on the GPU)

For the 2GB limit the equations must be full filled: T * B * 2 <= 2000 and B mod M == 0. The GTX Titan X has 24 multiprocessors M, this means a valid and good starting configuration is --launch=16x48 and full fill all restrictions 16 * 48 * 2 = 1536 and 48 mod 24 = 0.

Pascal GPU's should have no memory limit if the newest CUDA driver is used.


By default xmrMiner will donate 2% of the shares to my Monero address. If you want to change that, use the runtime option --donate to de/increase the donation. If you find this tool useful and like to support its continued development, then consider a donation. Do not forget the original authors.

  • psychocrypt's XMR address: 43NoJVEXo21hGZ6tDG6Z3g4qimiGdJPE6GRxAmiWwm26gwr62Lqo7zRiCJFSBmbkwTGNuuES9ES5TgaVHceuYc4Y75txCTU

  • KlausT's BTC address: 1QHH2dibyYL5iyMDk3UN4PVvFVtrWD8QKp

  • tsiv's XMR address: 42uasNqYPnSaG3TwRtTeVbQ4aRY3n9jY6VXX3mfgerWt4ohDQLVaBPv3cYGKDXasTUVuLvhxetcuS16ynt85czQ48mbSrWX

  • tsiv's BTC address: 1JHDKp59t1RhHFXsTw2UQpR3F9BBz3R3cs

  • Christian Buchner and Christian H. BTC adress: 16hJF5mceSojnTD3ZTUDqdRhDyPJzoRakM

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