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xmrMiner - A CUDA based miner for Monero

This project is forked from KlausT's ccminer version. ccminer is developed by Christian Buchner's & Christian H.'s and modified by tsiv for Cryptonight mining.

This reposetory contains only the Windows 64bit binaries for the project xmrMiner.

Source Code

The source code for the binaries can be found under The precompiled binaries is compiled from the code release 0.3.0

precompiled binary checksum

$ sha256sum xmrMiner_0.3.0.exe 
1bb33f754b8c1f8de7bcead0282dd4f4c8d48227bd4842c0a9dd004313b7314e  xmrMiner_0.3.0.exe

Known Issues/Solution

If xmrMiner found no device, please try to install the latest CUDA driver from this side.

Easy Start

If you are not so familiar with the Windows terminal you could use the easy scripts to start your miner.

  • download xmrMiner - klick on the green github button Clone or Download (right top of this page)
  • klick Download ZIP
  • extract the downloaded zip file
  • open the files xmrMiner_VERSION_dyn_easyStart.bat with a text editor
  • substitude the adress in xmrAdress with your Monero(XMR) adress
  • substitude the poolUrl with your favorite mining pool url
  • check the poolPassword
  • save all
  • double klick on xmrMiner_VERSION_easyStart.bat to start the miner
  • to reach the best hash rate you need to set the --launch=TxB setting


please read the original document


By default xmrMiner will donate 2% of the shares to my Monero address. If you want to change that, use the runtime option --donate to de/increase the donation. If you find this tool useful and like to support its continued development, then consider a donation. Do not forget the original authors.

psychocrypt's XMR address: 43NoJVEXo21hGZ6tDG6Z3g4qimiGdJPE6GRxAmiWwm26gwr62Lqo7zRiCJFSBmbkwTGNuuES9ES5TgaVHceuYc4Y75txCTU

KlausT's BTC address: 1QHH2dibyYL5iyMDk3UN4PVvFVtrWD8QKp tsiv's XMR address: 42uasNqYPnSaG3TwRtTeVbQ4aRY3n9jY6VXX3mfgerWt4ohDQLVaBPv3cYGKDXasTUVuLvhxetcuS16ynt85czQ48mbSrWX tsiv's BTC address: 1JHDKp59t1RhHFXsTw2UQpR3F9BBz3R3cs Christian Buchner and Christian H. BTC adress: 16hJF5mceSojnTD3ZTUDqdRhDyPJzoRakM


Windows 64bit binaries for xmrMiner




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