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GPU threads configuration


GPU index number usually starts from 0.


Number of parallel GPU threads (nothing to do with CPU threads).


Number of local GPU threads (nothing to do with CPU threads), default value 8.


This will affine the thread to a CPU. This can make a GPU miner play along nicer with a CPU miner. Number or false, default value false.


Switch memory pattern used for the scratchpad memory.

  • 0 or false use a contiguous block of memory per thread.
  • 1 or true use 16 byte contiguous memory per thread, the next memory block has offset of intensity blocks.
  • 2 chunked memory, chunk size is controlled by mem_chunk, intensity must be a multiple of worksize.

For cryptonight variant 2 value 1 should never used, on NVIDIA platform only value 0 available.


range 0 to 18: set the number of elements (16 byte) per chunk. This value is only used if strided_index equal to 2. Element count is computed with the equation: 2 to the power of mem_chunk e.g. 4 means a chunk of 16 elements (256 byte).


Compatibility enable/disable the automatic guard around compute kernel which allows to use a intensity which is not the multiple of the worksize. If you set false and the intensity is not multiple of the worksize the miner can crash, in this case set the intensity to a multiple of the worksize or activate comp_mode.


Allow to control how often the POW main loop is unrolled; valid range from 1 to 128 - for most OpenCL implementations it must be a power of two.


    "threads": [
            "index": 0,
            "intensity": 1000,
            "worksize": 8,
            "strided_index": 1,
            "mem_chunk": 2,
            "unroll": 8,
            "comp_mode": true,
            "affine_to_cpu": false