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  • #242 Added new algorithm cryptonight/rwz, short alias cn/rwz (also known as CryptoNight ReverseWaltz), for upcoming Graft fork.
  • #931 Added new algorithm cryptonight/zls, short alias cn/zls for Zelerius Network fork.
  • #940 Added new algorithm cryptonight/double, short alias cn/double (also known as CryptoNight HeavyX), for X-CASH.
  • #241 Minimum required CUDA version increased to 8.0 due CUDA 7.5 lacks support for nvrtcAddNameExpression.
  • #951 Fixed crash if AVX was disabled on OS level.
  • #952 Fixed compile error on some Linux.
  • #957 Added support for embedded config.


  • #246 Fixed compatibility with old GPUs (compute capability < 3.5).


  • #253 Fixed NVRTC dll copy when build miner.
  • #255 Fixed CUDA8 support and added memory size display in summary.



  • #260 Fixed cn/r algorithm slowdown with CUDA 10.1+.
  • #268 Added support for NVIDIA Jetson.
  • In HTTP API for unknown hashrate now used null instead of 0.0.
  • Fixed MSVC 2019 version detection.
  • Removed obsolete automatic variants.
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