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  • #913 Fixed Masari (MSR) support (this update required for upcoming fork).



  • #275 Added SSL/TLS support for incoming connections.
  • #899 Added support for new algorithm cn/half for Masari and Stellite forks.
  • #271 Fixed broken pool options cascading (mixed configuration).
  • Added memory and load_average information to API.


  • #258 Force NDEBUG for release builds.
  • #108 Fixed possible crash in simple mode when heavy load.
  • #777 Better report about pool connection issues.
  • Fixed error when handle malformed result from miner (divide to zero).
  • Fixed malformed login reply.


  • #753 Added new algorithm CryptoNight variant 2 for Monero fork, thanks @SChernykh.
  • #251 Added extended workers support.
  • #758 Added SSL/TLS support for secure outgoing connections to pools.
    • Added per pool options "tls" and "tls-fingerprint" and command line equivalents.
  • #757 Fixed send buffer overflow.


  • #245 Fixed API ID collision when run multiple proxies on same machine.
    • Added command line option --api-id and equivalent option for config file.
  • Added algo field to API GET /1/summary endpoint.


  • #238 cryptonight-lite/ipbc replaced to cryptonight-heavy/tube.
  • Added cryptonight/xao and cryptonight/rto for future use.


  • Added support for new cryptonight-heavy variant xhv (cn-heavy/xhv) for upcoming Haven Protocol fork.
  • Added support for new cryptonight variant msr (cn/msr) also known as cryptonight-fast for upcoming Masari fork.
  • Changed behavior for automatic variant to allow pool override algorithm.
  • Fixed --api-ipv6 option.
  • #629 Fixed file logging with non-seekable files.
  • #672 Reverted back cryptonight-light and exit if no valid algorithm specified.


  • #197 Fixed compatibility with xmr-stak rig_id option, xmr-stak sent empty rig id if user not specify it.
  • #199 Fixed various bugs in donation subsystem.


  • #168 Added support for mining algorithm negotiation.
  • Added support for rig-id stratum protocol extensions, compatible with xmr-stak.
  • A lot of small fixes and better unification with miner code.


  • Fixed critical bug, in some cases proxy was can't recovery connection and switch to failover pool, version 2.5.2 affected.
  • Added configurable keepalive support, now possible override default timeout (60 seconds) via config file (only).
  • Fixed wrong miners count in 32 bit builds.


  • #448 Fixed broken reconnect.


  • #119 Added graceful reload support, pools and some other settings now can changed without proxy restart.
  • #123 Fixed regression (all versions since 2.4 affected) fragmented responses from pool/miner was parsed incorrectly.
  • #40 Added API endpoint PUT /1/config to update current config.
  • #118 Added alternative working mode, in that mode proxy support chaining and but lose ability to reduce connection count.
  • Added API endpoint GET /1/config to get current active config.
  • Messages use pool now shown only in verbose mode.
  • Added IPv6 support:
    • IPv6 now fully supported for connections to upstream pools.
    • bind now accept IPv6 addresses, for example, use [::]:3333 to bind on all IPv6 interfaces and port 3333.
    • Internal HTTP server now support IPv6 for incoming connections.
  • New command line options (with equivalent config file options):
    • Added --mode to switch working mode.
    • Added --reuse-timeout to set timeout in seconds for reuse pool connections in simple mode.
    • Added --no-watch and config option watch to disable config file watching.
    • Added --variant to override PoW settings on xmrig miners.
    • Added --api-no-ipv6 and similar config option to disable IPv6 support for HTTP API.
    • Added --algo to specify algorithm cryptonight or cryptonight-lite.
    • Added --api-no-restricted to enable full access to api, this option has no effect if --api-access-token not specified.
  • Deprecations:
    • Option coin now deprecated, use algo instead.
    • API endpoint GET / now deprecated, use GET /1/summary instead.
    • API endpoint GET /workers.json, use GET /1/workers instead.


  • #109 Hashrate reports now more detailed for low speed workers.
  • #200 In some cases proxy was doesn't write log to stdout.


  • Added libmicrohttpd version to --version output.
  • Fixed bug in singal handler, in some cases proxy wasn't shutdown properly.
  • Fixed recent MSVC 2017 version detection.
  • Fixed in default config.json was missing option colors.
  • #37 Fixed ARM build.
  • #70 Now used kH/s instead of KH/s.


  • #153 Fixed issues with


  • #25 Use 2 decimal places in API hashrate.
  • #147 Fixed comparability with monero-stratum.
  • Fixed OS X build.


  • New internal event based architecture to easily extend proxy features.
  • Added HTTP API.
  • Added per worker statistics, available in HTTP API and terminal.
  • Added command line option --no-workers and config option workers.
  • Added option access-log-file, to write to file log information about connection/disconnection of miners.
  • Added limited support to override pool diff, global via option custom-diff or per worker WORKER_ID+DIFF.
  • Added option coin, set it to aeon if use proxy for AEON (cryptonight-lite).
  • Added donation, default 2% configurable down to 1% as promised before, no fee if you use only one pool connection (up to 256 workers).
  • #19 Use ratio instead of efficiency in connections report.
  • Optimized performance, stability and memory usage.
  • libjansson replaced to rapidjson.


  • Added config file support.
  • Added support for 32bit version.
  • Added --user-agent option, to set custom user-agent string for pool. For example cpuminer-multi/0.1.
  • Force reconnect if pool block miner IP address. helps switch to backup pool.
  • Better error message when detected incompatible miner, copy original nicehash behavior.
  • Fixed terminal issues after exit on Linux and OS X.
  • #5 Fixed OX X support.
  • #6 Fixed --no-color option.


  • First public release.