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@xmrig @SChernykh


  • #3129 Fix: protectRX flushed CPU cache only on MacOS/iOS.
  • #3126 Don't reset when pool sends the same job blob.
  • #3120 RandomX: optimized CFROUND elimination.
  • #3109 RandomX: added Blake2 AVX2 version.
  • #3082 Fixed GCC 12 warnings.
  • #3075 Recognize armv7ve as valid ARMv7 target.
  • #3132 RandomX: added MSR mod for Zen 4.
  • #3134 Added Zen4 to


  • #3067 Monero v15 network upgrade support and more house keeping.
    • Removed deprecated AstroBWTv1 and v2.
    • Fixed debug GhostRider build.
    • Monero v15 network upgrade support.
    • Fixed ZMQ debug log.
    • Improved daemon ZMQ mining stability.
  • #3054 Fixes for 32-bit ARM.
  • #3042 Fixed being unable to resume from pause-on-battery.
  • #3031 Fixed --cpu-priority not working sometimes.
  • #3020 Removed old AstroBWT algorithm.


  • #2954 Dero HE fork support (astrobwt/v2 algorithm).
    • #2961 Dero HE (astrobwt/v2) CUDA config generator.
    • #2969 Dero HE (astrobwt/v2) OpenCL support.
  • Fixed displayed DMI memory information for empty slots.
  • #2932 Fixed GhostRider with hwloc disabled.


  • #2904 Fixed unaligned memory accesses.
  • #2908 Added MSVC/2022 to version.h.
  • #2910 Fixed donation for GhostRider/RTM.


  • #2778 Fixed READY threads X/X display after algorithm switching.
  • #2782 Updated GhostRider documentation.
  • #2815 Fixed cn-heavy in 32-bit builds.
  • #2827 GhostRider: set correct priority for helper threads.
  • #2837 RandomX: don't restart mining threads when the seed changes.
  • #2848 GhostRider: added support for client.reconnect method.
  • #2856 Fix for short responses from some Raptoreum pools.
  • #2873 Fixed GhostRider benchmark on single-core systems.
  • #2882 Fixed ARMv7 compilation.
  • #2893 KawPow OpenCL: use separate UV loop for building programs.


  • #2751 Fixed crash on CPUs supporting VAES and running GCC-compiled xmrig.
  • #2761 Fixed broken auto-tuning in GCC Windows build.
  • #2771 Fixed environment variables support for GhostRider and KawPow.
  • #2769 Performance fixes:
    • Fixed several performance bottlenecks introduced in v6.16.1.
    • Fixed overall GCC-compiled build performance, it's the same speed as MSVC build now.
    • Linux builds are up to 10% faster now compared to v6.16.0 GCC build.
    • Windows builds are up to 5% faster now compared to v6.16.0 MSVC build.


  • #2729 GhostRider fixes:
    • Added average hashrate display.
    • Fixed the number of threads shown at startup.
    • Fixed --threads or -t command line option (but --cpu-max-threads-hint is recommended to use).
  • #2738 GhostRider fixes:
    • Fixed "difficulty is not a number" error when diff is high on some pools.
    • Fixed GhostRider compilation when WITH_KAWPOW=OFF.
  • #2740 Added VAES support for Cryptonight variants +4% speedup on Zen3.
    • VAES instructions are available on Intel Ice Lake/AMD Zen3 and newer CPUs.
    • +4% speedup on Ryzen 5 5600X.


  • #2712 GhostRider algorithm (Raptoreum) support: read the RELEASE NOTES for quick start guide and performance comparisons.
  • #2682 Fixed: use cn-heavy optimization only for Vermeer CPUs.
  • #2684 MSR mod: fix for error 183.


  • #2614 OpenCL fixes for non-AMD platforms.
  • #2623 Fixed compiling without kawpow.
  • #2636 #2639 AstroBWT speedup (up to +35%).
  • #2646 Fixed MSVC compilation error.


  • #2606 Fixed: AstroBWT auto-config ignored max-threads-hint.
  • Fixed possible crash on Windows (regression in v6.15.1).


  • #2586 Fixed Windows 7 compatibility.
  • #2594 Added Windows taskbar icon colors.


  • #2548 Added automatic coin detection for daemon mining.
  • #2563 Added new algorithm RandomX Graft (rx/graft).
  • #2565 AstroBWT: added AVX2 Salsa20 implementation.
  • Added support for new CUDA plugin API (previous API still supported).


  • #2532 Refactoring: stable (persistent) algorithms IDs.
  • #2537 Fixed Termux build.


  • #2484 Added ZeroMQ support for solo mining.
  • #2476 Fixed crash in DMI memory reader.
  • #2492 Added missing --huge-pages-jit command line option.
  • #2512 Added show the number of transactions in pool job.


  • #2468 Fixed regression in previous version: don't send miner signature during regular mining.


  • #2445 Added support for solo mining with miner signatures for the upcoming Wownero fork.


  • #2280 GPU backends are now disabled in benchmark mode.
  • #2322 Improved MSR compatibility with recent Linux kernels and updated
  • #2340 Fixed AES detection on FreeBSD on ARM.
  • #2341 sse2neon updated to the latest version.
  • #2351 Fixed help output for --cpu-priority and --cpu-affinity option.
  • #2375 Fixed macOS CUDA backend default loader name.
  • #2378 Fixed broken light mode mining on x86.
  • #2379 Fixed CL code for KawPow where it assumes everything is AMD.
  • #2386 RandomX: enabled IMUL_RCP optimization for light mode mining.
  • #2393 RandomX: added BMI2 version for scratchpad prefetch.
  • #2395 RandomX: rewrote dataset read code.
  • #2398 RandomX: optimized ARMv8 dataset read.
  • Added argon2/ninja alias for argon2/wrkz algorithm.


  • #2296 Fixed Zen3 assembly code for cn/upx2 algorithm.


  • #2276 Added support for Uplexa (cn/upx2 algorithm).
  • #2261 Show total hashrate if compiled without OpenCL.
  • #2289 RandomX: optimized IMUL_RCP instruction.
  • Added support for --user command line option for online benchmark.


  • #2207 Fixed regression in HTTP parser and llhttp updated to v5.1.0.


  • #2239 Fixed broken coin setting functionality.


  • #2196 Improved DNS subsystem and added new DNS specific options.
  • #2172 Fixed build on Alpine 3.13.
  • #2177 Fixed ARM specific compilation error with GCC 10.2.
  • #2214 #2216 #2235 Optimized cn-heavy algorithm.
  • #2217 Fixed mining job creation sequence.
  • #2225 Fixed build without OpenCL support on some systems.
  • #2229 Don't use RandomX JIT if WITH_ASM=OFF.
  • #2228 Removed useless code for cryptonight algorithms.
  • #2234 Fixed build error on gcc 4.8.


  • #2122 Fixed pause logic when both pause on battery and user activity are enabled.
  • #2123 Fixed compatibility with gcc 4.8.
  • #2147 Fixed many new job messages when solo mining.
  • #2150 Updated sse2neon.h to the latest master, fixes build on ARMv7.
  • #2157 Fixed crash in cn-heavy on Zen3 with manual thread count.
  • Fixed possible out of order write to log file.
  • http-parser replaced to llhttp.
  • For official builds: libuv, hwloc and OpenSSL updated to latest versions.



  • #2080 Fixed compile error in Termux.
  • #2089 Optimized CryptoNight-Heavy for Zen3, 7-8% speedup.


  • #2064 Added documentation for config.json CPU options.
  • #2066 Fixed AMD GPUs health data readings on Linux.
  • #2067 Fixed compilation error when RandomX and Argon2 are disabled.
  • #2076 Added support for flexible huge page sizes on Linux.
  • #2077 Fixed illegal instruction crash on ARM.


  • #2052 Added DMI/SMBIOS reader.
    • Added information about memory modules on the miner startup and for online benchmark.
    • Added new HTTP API endpoint: GET /2/dmi.
    • Added new command line option --no-dmi or config option "dmi".
    • Added new CMake option -DWITH_DMI=OFF.
  • #2057 Improved MSR subsystem code quality.
  • #2058 RandomX JIT x86: removed unnecessary instructions.


  • #2039 Fixed solo mining.


  • #1995 Fixed log initialization.
  • #1998 Added hashrate in the benchmark finished message.
  • #2009 AstroBWT OpenCL fixes.
  • #2028 RandomX x86 JIT: removed redundant CFROUND.


  • #1991 Added Apple M1 processor support.
  • #1986 Up to 20-30% faster RandomX dataset initialization with AVX2 on some CPUs.
  • #1964 Cleanup and refactoring.
  • #1966 Removed libcpuid support.
  • #1968 Added virtual machine detection.
  • #1969 #1970 Fixed errors found by static analysis.
  • #1977 Fixed: secure JIT and huge pages are incompatible on Windows.
  • #1979 Term x64 replaced to 64-bit.
  • #1980 Fixed build on gcc 11.
  • #1989 Fixed broken Dero solo mining.


  • #1958 Added example mining scripts to help new miners.
  • #1959 Optimized JIT compiler.
  • #1960 Fixed RandomX init when switching to other algo and back.


  • Fixed, benchmark validation on NUMA hardware produced incorrect results in some conditions.


  • Online benchmark protocol upgraded to v2, validation not compatible with previous versions.
    • Single thread benchmark now is cheat-resistant, not possible speedup it with multiple threads.
    • RandomX dataset is now always initialized with static seed, to prevent time cheat by report slow dataset initialization.
    • Zero delay online submission, to make time validation much more precise and strict.
    • DNS cache for online benchmark to prevent unexpected delays.


  • #1946 Fixed MSR mod names in JSON API (v6.5.2 affected).


  • #1935 Separate MSR mod for Zen/Zen2 and Zen3.
  • #1937 Print path to existing WinRing0 service without verbose option.
  • #1939 Fixed build with gcc 4.8.
  • #1941 Added CPUID info to JSON report.
  • #1941 Fixed alignment modification in memory pool.
  • #1944 Updated with new MSR mod.
  • Added 250K and 500K offline benchmarks.


  • #1932 New MSR mod for Ryzen, up to +3.5% on Zen2 and +1-2% on Zen3.
  • #1918 Fixed 1GB huge pages support on ARMv8.
  • #1926 Fixed compilation on ARMv8 with GCC 9.3.0.
  • #1929 Fixed build without HTTP.


  • Added online benchmark mode for sharing results.
    • Added new command line options: --submit, --verify=ID, --seed=SEED, --hash=HASH.
  • #1912 Fixed MSR kernel module warning with new Linux kernels.
  • #1925 Add checking for config files in user home directory.
  • Added vendor to ARM CPUs name and added "arch" field to API.
  • Removed legacy CUDA plugin API.


  • #1862 RandomX: removed rx/loki algorithm.
  • #1890 Added argon2/chukwav2 algorithm.
  • #1895 #1897 Added benchmark and stress test.
  • #1864 RandomX: improved software AES performance.
  • #1870 RandomX: fixed unexpected resume due to disconnect during dataset init.
  • #1872 RandomX: fixed randomx_create_vm call.
  • #1875 RandomX: fixed crash on x86.
  • #1876 RandomX: added huge-pages-jit config parameter.
  • #1881 Fixed possible race condition in hashrate counting code.
  • #1882 #1886 #1887 #1893 General code improvements.
  • #1885 Added more precise hashrate calculation.
  • #1889 Fixed libuv performance issue on Linux.



  • #1823 RandomX: added new option scratchpad_prefetch_mode.
  • #1827 #1831 Improved nonce iteration performance.
  • #1828 RandomX: added SSE4.1-optimized Blake2b.
  • #1830 RandomX: added performance profiler (for developers).
  • #1835 RandomX: returned old soft AES implementation and added auto-select between the two.
  • #1840 RandomX: moved more stuff to compile time, small x86 JIT compiler speedup.
  • #1841 Fixed Cryptonight OpenCL for AMD 20.7.2 drivers.
  • #1842 RandomX: AES improvements, a bit faster hardware AES code when compiled with MSVC.
  • #1843 RandomX: improved performance of GCC compiled binaries.


  • #1817 Fixed self-select login sequence.
  • Added brand new build from source documentation.
  • New binary downloads for macOS (macos-x64), FreeBSD (freebsd-static-x64), Linux (linux-static-x64), Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic-x64), Ubuntu 20.04 (focal-x64).
  • Generic Linux download xenial-x64 renamed to linux-x64.
  • Builds without SSL/TLS support are no longer provided.
  • Improved CUDA loader error reporting and fixed plugin load on Linux.
  • Fixed build warnings with Clang compiler.
  • Fixed colors on macOS.


  • #1794 More robust 1 GB pages handling.
    • Don't allocate 1 GB per thread if 1 GB is the default huge page size.
    • Try to allocate scratchpad from dataset's 1 GB huge pages, if normal huge pages are not available.
    • Correctly initialize RandomX cache if 1 GB pages fail to allocate on a first NUMA node.
  • #1806 Fixed macOS battery detection.
  • #1809 Improved auto configuration on ARM CPUs.
    • Added retrieving ARM CPU names, based on lscpu code and database.


  • #1786 Added pause-on-battery option, supported on Windows and Linux.
  • Added command line options --randomx-cache-qos and --argon2-impl.


  • #1771 Adopted new SSE2NEON and reduced ARM-specific changes.
  • #1774 RandomX: Added new option cache_qos in randomx object for cache QoS support.
  • #1777 Added support for upcoming Haven offshore fork.
    • #1780 CryptoNight OpenCL: fix for long input data.


  • #1745 AstroBWT: fixed OpenCL compilation on some systems.
  • #1749 KawPow: optimized CPU share verification.
  • #1752 RandomX: added error message when MSR mod fails.
  • #1754 Fixed GPU health readings for pre Vega GPUs on Linux.
  • #1756 Added results and connection reports.
  • #1759 KawPow: fixed DAG initialization on slower AMD GPUs.
  • #1763 KawPow: fixed rare duplicate share errors.
  • #1766 RandomX: small speedup on Ryzen CPUs.


  • #1742 Fixed crash when use HTTP API.


  • #1726 Fixed detection of AVX2/AVX512.
  • #1728 Fixed, 32 bit Windows builds was crash on start.
  • #1729 Fixed KawPow crash on old CPUs.
  • #1730 Improved displaying information for compute errors on GPUs.
  • #1732 Fixed NiceHash disconnects for KawPow.
  • Fixed AMD GPU health (temperatures/power/clocks/fans) readings on Linux.


  • #1717 Added new algorithm cn/ccx for Conceal.
  • #1718 Fixed, linker on Linux was marking entire executable as having an executable stack.
  • #1720 Fixed broken CryptoNight algorithms family with gcc 10.1.


  • #1708 Added title option.
  • #1711 [cuda] Print errors from KawPow DAG initialization.
  • #1713 [cuda] Reduced memory usage for KawPow, minimum CUDA plugin version now is 6.1.0.


  • #1694 Added support for KawPow algorithm (Ravencoin) on AMD/NVIDIA.
  • Removed previously deprecated cn/gpu algorithm.
  • Default donation level reduced to 1% but you still can increase it if you like.


  • #1718 Fixed, linker on Linux was marking entire executable as having an executable stack.
  • #1720 Fixed broken CryptoNight algorithms family with gcc 10.1.


  • #1664 Improved JSON config error reporting.
  • #1668 Optimized RandomX dataset initialization.
  • #1675 Fixed cross-compiling on Linux.
  • Fixed memory leak in HTTP client.
  • Build dependencies updated to recent versions.
  • Compiler for Windows gcc builds updated to v10.1.


  • #1652 Up to 1% RandomX perfomance improvement on recent AMD CPUs.
  • #1306 Fixed possible double connection to a pool.
  • #1654 Fixed build with LibreSSL.


  • #1632 Added AstroBWT CUDA support (CUDA plugin v3.0.0 or newer required).
  • #1605 Fixed AstroBWT OpenCL for NVIDIA GPUs.
  • #1635 Added pooled memory allocation of RandomX VMs (+0.5% speedup on Zen2).
  • #1641 RandomX JIT refactoring, smaller memory footprint and a bit faster overall.
  • #1643 Fixed build on CentOS 7.


  • #1602 Added AMD GPUs support for AstroBWT algorithm.
  • #1590 MSR mod automatically deactivated after switching from RandomX algorithms.
  • #1592 Added AVX2 optimized code for AstroBWT algorithm.
    • Added new config option astrobwt-avx2 in cpu object and command line option --astrobwt-avx2.
  • #1596 Major TLS (Transport Layer Security) subsystem update.
  • cn/gpu algorithm now disabled by default and will be removed in next major (v6.x.x) release, no ETA for it right now.
  • Added command line option --data-dir.


  • #1578 Added new RandomKEVA algorithm for upcoming Kevacoin fork, as "algo": "rx/keva" or "coin": "keva".
  • #1584 Fixed invalid AstroBWT hashes after algorithm switching.
  • #1585 Fixed build without HTTP support.
  • Added command line option --astrobwt-max-size.


  • #1580 AstroBWT algorithm 20-50% speedup.
    • Added new option astrobwt-max-size.
  • #1581 Fixed macOS build.


  • #1575 Fixed new block detection for DERO solo mining.


  • #1573 Added new AstroBWT algorithm for upcoming DERO fork, as "algo": "astrobwt" or "coin": "dero".


  • Added SOCKS5 proxies support for Tor
  • #377 Fixed duplicate jobs in daemon (solo) mining client.
  • #1560 RandomX 0.3-0.4% speedup depending on CPU.
  • Fixed possible crashes in HTTP client.


  • #1536 Added workaround for new AMD GPU drivers.
  • #1546 Fixed generic OpenCL code for AMD Navi GPUs.
  • #1551 Added RandomX JIT for AMD Navi GPUs.
  • Added health information for AMD GPUs (clocks/power/fan/temperature) via ADL (Windows) and sysfs (Linux).
  • Fixed possible nicehash nonce overflow in some conditions.
  • Fixed wrong OpenCL platform on macOS, option platform now ignored on this OS.


  • #1529 Fixed crash on Bulldozer CPUs.


  • #1500 Removed unnecessary code from RandomX JIT compiler.
  • #1502 Optimizations for AMD Bulldozer.
  • #1508 Added support for BMI2 instructions.
  • #1510 Optimized CFROUND instruction for RandomX.
  • #1520 Fixed thread affinity.


  • #1469 Fixed build with gcc 4.8.
  • #1473 Added RandomX auto-config for mobile Ryzen APUs.
  • #1477 Fixed build with Clang.
  • #1489 RandomX JIT compiler tweaks.
  • #1493 Default value for Intel MSR preset changed to 15.
  • Fixed unwanted resume after RandomX dataset change.


  • #179 Added support for environment variables in config file.
  • #1445 Removed rx/v algorithm.
  • #1453 Fixed crash on 32bit systems.
  • #1459 Fixed crash on very low memory systems.
  • #1465 Added fix for 1st-gen Ryzen crashes.
  • #1466 Added cn-pico/tlo algorithm.
  • Added --randomx-no-rdmsr command line option.
  • Added console title for Windows with miner name and version.
  • On Windows priority option now also change base priority.


  • #1434 Added RandomSFX (rx/sfx) algorithm for Safex Cash.
  • #1445 Added RandomV (rx/v) algorithm for new MoneroV.
  • #1419 Added reverting MSR changes on miner exit, use "rdmsr": false, in "randomx" object to disable this feature.
  • #1423 Fixed conflicts with exists WinRing0 driver service.
  • #1425 Fixed crash on first generation Zen CPUs (MSR mod accidentally enable Opcache), additionally now you can disable Opcache and enable MSR mod via config "wrmsr": ["0xc0011020:0x0", "0xc0011021:0x60", "0xc0011022:0x510000", "0xc001102b:0x1808cc16"],.
  • Added advanced usage for wrmsr option, for example: "wrmsr": ["0x1a4:0x6"], (Intel) and "wrmsr": ["0xc0011020:0x0", "0xc0011021:0x40:0xffffffffffffffdf", "0xc0011022:0x510000", "0xc001102b:0x1808cc16"], (Ryzen).
  • Added new config option "verbose" and command line option --verbose.


  • #1414 Added native MSR support for Windows, by using signed WinRing0 driver (© 2007-2009
  • Added new MSR documentation.
  • #1418 Increased stratum send buffer size.


  • #1408 Added RandomX boost script for Linux (if you don't like run miner with root privileges).
  • Added support for AMD Ryzen MSR registers (Linux only).
  • Fixed command line option --randomx-wrmsr option without parameters.


  • #1388 Added 1GB huge pages support for Linux.
    • Added new option 1gb-pages in randomx object with command line equivalent --randomx-1gb-pages.
    • Added automatic huge pages configuration on Linux if use the miner with root privileges.
  • Added automatic Intel prefetchers configuration on Linux.
    • Added new option wrmsr in randomx object with command line equivalent --randomx-wrmsr=6.
  • #1396 #1401 New performance optimizations for Ryzen CPUs.
  • #1385 Added max-threads-hint option support for RandomX dataset initialization threads.
  • #1386 Added priority option support for RandomX dataset initialization threads.
  • For official builds all dependencies (libuv, hwloc, openssl) updated to recent versions.
  • Windows msvc builds now use Visual Studio 2019 instead of 2017.


  • #1365 Fixed various system response/stability issues.
    • Added new CPU option yield and command line equivalent --cpu-no-yield.
  • #1363 Fixed wrong priority of main miner thread.


  • #1351 RandomX optimizations and fixes.
  • #1307 Fixed mining resume after donation round for pools with self-select feature.
  • #1318 Added option "mode" (or --randomx-mode) for RandomX.
    • Added memory information on miner startup.
    • Added resources field to summary API with memory information and load average.


  • #1234 Fixed compatibility with some AMD GPUs.
  • #1284 Fixed build without RandomX.
  • #1285 Added command line options --cuda-bfactor-hint and --cuda-bsleep-hint.
  • #1290 Fixed 32-bit ARM compilation.


This version is first stable unified 3 in 1 GPU+CPU release, OpenCL support built in in miner and not require additional external dependencies on compile time, NVIDIA CUDA available as external CUDA plugin, for convenient, 3 in 1 downloads with recent CUDA version also provided.

This release based on 4.x.x series and include all features from v4.6.2-beta, changelog below include only the most important changes, full changelog available separately.

  • #1272 Optimized hashrate calculation.
  • #1263 Added new option dataset_host for NVIDIA GPUs with less than 4 GB memory (RandomX only).
  • #1068 Added support for self-select stratum protocol extension.
  • #1227 Added new algorithm rx/arq, RandomX variant for upcoming ArQmA fork.
  • #808 Added experimental support for persistent memory for CPU mining threads.
  • #1221 Improved RandomX dataset memory usage and initialization speed for NUMA machines.
  • #1175 Fixed support for systems where total count of NUMA nodes not equal usable nodes count.
  • Added config option cpu/max-threads-hint and command line option --cpu-max-threads-hint.
  • #1185 Added JIT compiler for RandomX on ARMv8.
  • Improved API endpoint GET /2/backends and added support for this endpoint to
  • Added command line option --no-cpu to disable CPU backend.
  • Added OpenCL specific command line options: --opencl, --opencl-devices, --opencl-platform, --opencl-loader and --opencl-no-cache.
  • Added CUDA specific command line options: --cuda, --cuda-loader and --no-nvml.
  • Removed command line option --http-enabled, HTTP API enabled automatically if any other --http-* option provided.
  • #1172 Added OpenCL mining backend.
  • Algorithm cn/wow removed, as no longer alive.

Previous versions