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  • #768 Fixed build with Visual Studio 2015.
  • #769 Fixed regression, some ANSI escape sequences was in log with disabled colors.
  • #777 Better report about pool connection issues.
  • Simplified checks for ASM auto detection, only AES support necessary.
  • Added missing options to --help output.


  • #753 Added new algorithm CryptoNight variant 2 for Monero fork, thanks @SChernykh.
    • Added global and per thread option "asm" and and command line equivalent.
  • #758 Added SSL/TLS support for secure connections to pools.
    • Added per pool options "tls" and "tls-fingerprint" and command line equivalents.
  • #767 Added config autosave feature, same with GPU miners.
  • #245 Fixed API ID collision when run multiple miners on same machine.
  • #757 Fixed send buffer overflow.


  • #700 cryptonight-lite/ipbc replaced to cryptonight-heavy/tube for Bittube (TUBE).
  • Added cryptonight/rto (cryptonight variant 1 with IPBC/TUBE mod) variant for Arto (RTO) coin.
  • Added cryptonight/xao (original cryptonight with bigger iteration count) variant for Alloy (XAO) coin.
  • Better variant detection for and
  • #692 Added support for specify both algorithm and variant via single algo option.


  • Added support for new cryptonight-heavy variant xhv (cn-heavy/xhv) for upcoming Haven Protocol fork.
  • Added support for new cryptonight variant msr (cn/msr) also known as cryptonight-fast for upcoming Masari fork.
  • Added new detailed hashrate report.
  • #446 Likely fixed SIGBUS error on 32 bit ARM CPUs.
  • #551 Fixed cn-heavy algorithm on ARMv8.
  • #614 Fixed display issue with huge pages percentage when colors disabled.
  • #615 Fixed build without libcpuid.
  • #629 Fixed file logging with non-seekable files.
  • #672 Reverted back cryptonight-light and exit if no valid algorithm specified.


  • #607 Fixed donation bug.
  • #610 Fixed ARM build.


  • #168 Added support for mining algorithm negotiation.
  • Added IPBC coin support, base algorithm cn-lite variant ipbc.
  • #581 Added support for upcoming Stellite (XTL) fork, base algorithm cn variant xtl, variant can set now, no need do it after fork.
  • Added support for rig-id stratum protocol extensions, compatible with xmr-stak.
  • Changed behavior for option variant=-1 for cryptonight, now variant is 1 by default, if you mine old coins need change variant to 0.
  • A lot of small fixes and better unification with proxy code.


  • #563 Added advanced threads mode, now possible configure each thread individually.
  • #255 Low power mode extended to triple, quard and penta modes.
  • #519 Fixed high donation levels, improved donation start time randomization.
  • #554 Fixed regression with print-time option.


  • Improved performance for cryptonight v7 especially in double hash mode.
  • #499 IPv6 disabled for internal HTTP API by default, was causing issues on some systems.
  • Added short aliases for algorithm names: cn, cn-lite and cn-heavy.
  • Fixed regressions (v2.6.0-beta1 affected)
    • #494 Command line option --donate-level was broken.
    • #502 Build without libmicrohttpd was broken.
    • Fixed nonce calculation for --av 4 (software AES, double hash) was causing reduction of effective hashrate and rejected shares on nicehash.


  • #476 Added Cryptonight-Heavy support for Sumokoin ASIC resistance fork.
  • HTTP server now runs in main loop, it make possible easy extend API without worry about thread synchronization.
  • Added initial graceful reload support, miner will reload configuration if config file changed, disabled by default until it will be fully implemented and tested.
  • Added API endpoint PUT /1/config to update current config.
  • Added API endpoint GET /1/config to get current active config.
  • Added API endpoint GET /1/threads to get current active threads configuration.
  • API endpoint GET / now deprecated, use GET /1/summary instead.
  • Added --api-no-ipv6 and similar config option to disable IPv6 support for HTTP API.
  • Added --api-no-restricted to enable full access to api, this option has no effect if --api-access-token not specified.


  • Fixed critical bug, in some cases miner was can't recovery connection and switch to failover pool, version 2.5.2 affected. If you use v2.6.0-beta3 this issue doesn't concern you.
  • #499 IPv6 support disabled for internal HTTP API.
  • Added workaround for if you use cryptonightv7.<region> option variant=1 will be set automatically.


  • #448 Fixed broken reconnect.


  • #454 Fixed build with libmicrohttpd version below v0.9.35.
  • #456 Verbose errors related to donation pool was not fully silenced.
  • #459 Fixed regression (version 2.5.0 affected) with connection to


  • #434 Added support for Monero v7 PoW, scheduled on April 6.
  • Added full IPv6 support.
  • Added protocol extension, when use the miner with xmrig-proxy 2.5+ no more need manually specify nicehash option.
  • #123 Fixed regression (all versions since 2.4 affected) fragmented responses from pool/proxy was parsed incorrectly.
  • #428 Fixed regression (version 2.4.5 affected) with CPU cache size detection.


  • #324 Fixed build without libmicrohttpd (CMake cache issue).
  • #341 Fixed wrong exit code and added command line option --dry-run.
  • #385 Up to 20% performance increase for non-AES CPU and fixed Intel Core 2 cache detection.


  • Added libmicrohttpd version to --version output.
  • Fixed bug in singal handler, in some cases miner wasn't shutdown properly.
  • Fixed recent MSVC 2017 version detection.
  • #279 Fixed build on some macOS versions.


  • #94 #216 Added ARMv8 and ARMv7 support. Hardware AES supported, thanks Imran Yusuff.
  • #157 #196 Fixed Linux compile issues.
  • #184 Fixed cache size detection for CPUs with disabled Hyper-Threading.
  • #200 In some cases miner was doesn't write log to stdout.


  • #60 Added FreeBSD support, thanks vcambur.
  • #153 Fixed issues with


  • #147 Fixed comparability with monero-stratum.


  • Added HTTP API.
  • Added comments support in config file.
  • libjansson replaced to rapidjson.
  • #98 Ignore keepalive option with and
  • #101 Fixed MSVC 2017 (15.3) compile time version detection.
  • #108 Silently ignore invalid values for donate-level option.
  • #111 Fixed build without AEON support.


  • #68 Fixed compatibility with Docker containers, was nothing print on console.


  • Added --cpu-priority option (0 idle, 2 normal to 5 highest).
  • Added --user-agent option, to set custom user-agent string for pool. For example cpuminer-multi/0.1.
  • Added --no-huge-pages option, to disable huge pages support.
  • #62 Don't send the login to the dev pool.
  • Force reconnect if pool block miner IP address. helps switch to backup pool.
  • Fixed: failed open default config file if path contains non English characters.
  • Fixed: error occurred if try use unavailable stdin or stdout, regression since version 2.2.0.
  • Fixed: message about huge pages support successfully enabled on Windows was not shown in release builds.



  • #46 Restored config file support. Now possible use multiple config files and combine with command line options also added support for default config.
  • Improved colors support on Windows, now used uv_tty, legacy code removed.
  • QuickEdit Mode now disabled on Windows.
  • Added interactive commands in console window:: hashrate, pause, resume.
  • Fixed autoconf mode for AMD FX CPUs.


  • #40 Improved miner shutdown, fixed crash on exit for Linux and OS X.
  • Fixed, login request was contain malformed JSON if username or password has some special characters for example \.
  • #220 Better support for Round Robin DNS, IP address now always chosen randomly instead of stuck on first one.
  • Changed donation address, new xmrig-proxy is coming soon.


  • Better deal with possible duplicate jobs from pool, show warning and ignore duplicates.
  • For Windows builds libuv updated to version 1.13.1 and gcc to 7.1.0.


  • #27 Fixed possibility crash on 32bit systems.


  • Option --backup-url removed, instead now possibility specify multiple pools for example: -o -u user1 -p password1 -k -o -u user2 -o -u user3
  • #15 Added option -l, --log-file=FILE to write log to file.
  • #15 Added option -S, --syslog to use syslog for logging, Linux only.
  • #18 Added nice messages for accepted/rejected shares with diff and network latency.
  • #20 Fixed --cpu-affinity for more than 32 threads.
  • Fixed Windows XP support.
  • Fixed regression, option --no-color was not fully disable colored output.
  • Show resolved pool IP address in miner output.


  • Fix broken software AES implementation, app has crashed if CPU not support AES-NI, only version 1.0.0 affected.


  • Miner complete rewritten in C++ with libuv.
  • This version should be fully compatible (except config file) with previos versions, many new nice features will come in next versions.
  • This is still beta. If you found regression, stability or perfomance issues or have an idea for new feature please fell free to open new issue.
  • Added new option --print-time=N, print hashrate report every N seconds.
  • New hashrate reports, by default every 60 secons.
  • Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and 2017 support.
  • Removed dependency on libcurl.
  • To compile this version from source please switch to dev branch.


  • Fixed L2 cache size detection for AMD CPUs (Bulldozer/Piledriver/Steamroller/Excavator architecture).


  • Fixed L2 cache size detection for AMD CPUs (Bulldozer/Piledriver/Steamroller/Excavator architecture).
  • Fixed gcc 7.1 support.


  • Added nicehash support, detects automaticaly by pool URL, for example or manually via option --nicehash.


  • Added double hash mode, also known as lower power mode. --av=2 and --av=4.
  • Added smart automatic CPU configuration. Default threads count now depends on size of the L3 cache of CPU.
  • Added CryptoNight-Lite support for AEON -a cryptonight-lite.
  • Added --max-cpu-usage option for auto CPU configuration mode.
  • Added --safe option for adjust threads and algorithm variations to current CPU.
  • No more manual steps to enable huge pages on Windows. XMRig will do it automatically.
  • Removed BMI2 algorithm variation.
  • Removed default pool URL.


  • Added automatic cryptonight self test.
  • New software AES algorithm variation. Will be automatically selected if cpu not support AES-NI.
  • Added 32 bit builds.
  • Documented algorithm variations.


  • Initial public release.