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If you want use API you need choice a port where is internal HTTP server will listen for incoming connections. API will not available if miner built without libmicrohttpd.

Example configuration:

"api": {
    "port": 44444,
    "access-token": "TOKEN",
    "worker-id": null,
    "ipv6": false,
    "restricted": false
  • port Port for incoming connections http://<miner ip>:<port>.
  • access-token Bearer access token to secure access to API.
  • worker-id Optional worker name, if not set will be detected automatically.
  • ipv6 Enable (true) or disable (false) IPv6 for API.
  • restricted Use false to allow remote configuration.

If you prefer use command line options instead of config file, you can use options: --api-port, --api-access-token, --api-worker-id, --api-ipv6 and api-no-restricted.


GET /1/summary

Get miner summary information. Example.

GET /1/threads

Get detailed information about miner threads. Example.

Restricted endpoints

All API endpoints below allow access to sensitive information and remote configure miner. You should set access-token and allow unrestricted access ("restricted": false).

GET /1/config

Get current miner configuration. Example.

PUT /1/config

Update current miner configuration. Common use case, get current configuration, make changes, and upload it to miner.

Curl example:

curl -v --data-binary @config.json -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer SECRET"