@xmrig xmrig released this Oct 19, 2018 · 52 commits to master since this release

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  • #813 Fixed critical bug with Minergate pool and variant 2.


  • #768 Fixed build with Visual Studio 2015.
  • #769 Fixed regression, some ANSI escape sequences was in log with disabled colors.
  • #777 Better report about pool connection issues.
  • Simplified checks for ASM auto detection, only AES support necessary.
  • Added missing options to --help output.


  • #753 Added new algorithm CryptoNight variant 2 for Monero fork, thanks @SChernykh.
    • Added global and per thread option "asm" and and command line equivalent.
  • #758 Added SSL/TLS support for secure connections to pools.
    • Added per pool options "tls" and "tls-fingerprint" and command line equivalents.
  • #767 Added config autosave feature, same with GPU miners.
  • #245 Fixed API ID collision when run multiple miners on same machine.
  • #757 Fixed send buffer overflow.