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Tracker for my GSoC project for CNCF and Kubernetes

This repository is used to track progress on my GSoC project for CNCF & Kubernetes - Storage API for Aggregated API Servers.

To easier track the progress, I've created a public Trello board and a Google Document. I'll provide daily progress updates in both Google Document and Trello Board.


Kubernetes offers two ways to extend the core API, by using the CustomResourceDefinitons or by setting up an aggregated API server. This ensures users don’t need to modify the core API in order to add the features needed for their workflow, which later ensures the more stable and secure core API.

One missing part is how to efficiently store data used by aggregated API servers. This project implements a Storage API, with a main goal to share the cluster’s main etcd server with the Aggregated API Servers, allowing it to use cluster’s main etcd just like it would use it’s own etcd server.

General Information

Name: Marko Mudrinić
Website and Blog:
GitHub: xmudrii
Slack (Kubernetes): xmudrii
Twitter: xmudrii
Time zone: UTC+02:00 (Central European Summer Time)
Mentors: David Eads, Dr. Stefan Schimanski


Blog posts


Pull Requests, Issues and Reviews made to the etcdproxy-controller repository

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Repository: etcdproxy-controller

Total Pull Requests Created: 44

  1. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#69 - docs: update the files to match latest changes to the controller
  2. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#68 - demo: add demo manifests
  3. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#66 - controller/certs: grace period for certs regeneration
  4. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#65 - Make certificates validity configurable via EtcdStorage Spec and define default values
  5. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#64 - controller/test: Add simple test framework for controller
  6. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#63 - Refactor functions for handling EtcdProxy certificates. Implement certificates renewal.
  7. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#62 - Add liveness probe to the etcdproxy deployment and raise number of replicas to 3
  8. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#61 - controller/certs: fix typo between serving and client ca
  9. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#60 - Add functions for appending new cert to CA bundle
  10. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#59 - Refactor functions for handling certs ConfigMaps and Secrets
  11. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#58 - Switch to Deployments instead of ReplicaSets for deploying EtcdProxy pods
  12. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#57 - Add utility functions for parsing certificates
  13. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#56 - Make etcdproxy pods use etcd 3.2.24 instead of 3.3.8
  14. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#55 - Set correct labels to EtcdProxy ReplicaSets and Services
  15. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#53 - Generate new Client certificate pair for each certificate source
  16. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#48 - Rename core-etcd certificates to match names used by Kubernetes
  17. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#47 - Enable RBAC in Travis-CI Minikube cluster and fix APIServer ConfigMap/Secret Role APIGroup
  18. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#46 - Implement CA for handling EtcdProxy certificates
  19. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#45 - Import GCP plugin to prevent controller startup failures in GKE
  20. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#42 - Add note about GKE permissions note needed to deploy the controller and fix typo
  21. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#40 - Set appropriate EtcdStorage condition on error. Improve event handling and error messages.
  22. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#39 - Enable E2E tests in Travis-CI using Minikube and Kubernetes v1.10.0
  23. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#38 - Upgrade etcd for etcd proxy pods to v3.3.8
  24. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#37 - Prevent UpdateStatus loops
  25. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#36 - Allow multiple core etcd endpoints to be specified
  26. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#35 - Handle certificates for the etcd-proxy
  27. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#33 - Add deploying Flunder resource to the sample-apiserver E2E story and fix minor bugs
  28. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#32 - Add E2E tests
  29. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#29 - Add server and client certificates to the core etcd deployment
  30. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#28 - Create manifests for deploying the sample-apiserver
  31. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#23 - Remove Kubeconfig validation rule
  32. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#22 - Fix lint errors
  33. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#21 - Use double-slash prefixed flags in controller deployment manifest
  34. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#20 - Remove Config function in favor of Validate and ApplyTo
  35. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#19 - Remove license headers from Go and Bash files
  36. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#16 - Add documentation describing required setup and how to run EtcdProxyController
  37. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#15 - Refactor the main package to use Cobra
  38. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#14 - Add status subresource and conditions to EtcdStorage CRD
  39. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#13 - Make etcd image configurable. Add OwnerRef if object exists. Tighten functions to a private helper.
  40. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#6 - Update Dockerfile to utilize Makefile
  41. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#4 - Disable Travis fail email notifications
  42. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#3 - Add manifest for deploying the controller
  43. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#2 - Create controller for handling etcd proxy pods and services
  44. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#1 - Add manifests for deploying core etcd and etcd proxy

Total Issues Opened: 25

  1. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#67 - Unconditionally regenerate certificates on EtcdStorage Spec change
  2. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#54 - EtcdProxyController Services are pointing to all etcd-proxy pods instead to specific pods
  3. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#52 - Make certificates validity configurable
  4. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#51 - Handle the API Server certificates
  5. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#50 - Implement etcd proxy certificates regeneration mechanism
  6. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#49 - Make API Server handle etcd certificates rotation
  7. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#44 - Update EtcdStorage CRD to check are provided name/namespace pairs for certificate ConfigMaps/Secrets valid
  8. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#43 - Update certificates type and ConfigMap/Secret names to match Kubernetes TLS type and Secret names
  9. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#41 - Improve event handling and error messages
  10. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#34 - E2E tests are using incorrect Docker image for deploying the controller
  11. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#31 - EtcdProxy Controller deployment doesn't work in GKE
  12. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#30 - Add fields to EtcdStorage Spec for name and namespace of proxy etcd certs Secret/ConfigMap
  13. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#27 - Improve redundancy and handle etcd proxy pod failures
  14. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#26 - Allow multiple core etcd endpoints
  15. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#25 - Add manifests for deploying sample-apiserver
  16. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#24 - Add E2E tests
  17. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#18 - Add additional conditions for EtcdStorage resources
  18. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#17 - Remove license headers from files
  19. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#12 - Update README file to include instructions how to use controller and how to run it out/in-cluster
  20. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#11 - Tighten newReplicaSet and newService functions to a private helper
  21. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#10 - Make etcd image property for creating ReplicaSet configurable
  22. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#9 - Add OwnerRef if object already exists instead of failing
  23. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#8 - Utilize the subresource status capability of the CRDs when updating CRD status
  24. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#7 - Refactor the main package
  25. xmudrii/etcdproxy-controller#5 - Switch to spf13/cobra for controller's CLI

Pull Requests, Issues and Reviews made to the kubernetes organization

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Repository: kubernetes

Total Pull Requests Created: 4

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#65916 - [1.10] gc: remove crd and apiservice from ignored resources
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#65206 - sample-apiserver: Add RBAC roles and ClusterRoleBindings for Admission Webhooks
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#63068 - Add Establishing Controller to avoid race between Established condition and CRs actually served
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#60592 - apiextensions-apiserver: TestFinaliazationAndDeletion integration test

Total Issues Opened: 4

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#66448 - Implement mechanism for certificates rotation in aggregated API servers
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#65442 - Create aggregated ClusterRole for API Servers to allow getting Namespaces and Admission Webhooks
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#63656 - Revisit Creating CustomResourceDefinitions from apiextensions-apiserver integration tests
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#62725 - Improve Establishing logic for CRDs by implementing Installing status to prevent race conditions

Total Pull Requests Reviewed: 4

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#65918 - [1.9] GC: remove CRD and APIService from ignored resources
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#65856 - only need to ignore resources that match discovery conditions
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#63587 - apiextensions: handle CRD conflict errs in integration tests
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#55476 - apiserver: document how to run sample-apiserver standalone outside the cluster


Progress tracker for my GSoC project for CNCF & Kubernetes - Storage API for Aggregated API Servers








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