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KidsRuby ( is a Ruby programming environment meant for kids. It is heavily influenced by Hackety Hack (

In fact you can run many of the same code samples from Hackety Hack in KidsRuby. For example:

color = ask("what is your favorite color")
if color == "blue"
  alert("you picked blue")

You can also use the Turtle, just like Hackety-Hack does

Turtle.start do
  background yellow
  pencolor brown
  pensize 2
  goto 30, 200
  setheading 180
  1000.times do
    forward 20
    turnleft rand(10)
    backward 10

Design Goals

  • Simple single file editor
  • You can run the current contents of the editor
  • The output appears next to the editor
  • It runs a normal Ruby 1.9.2 on the code. With normal gems etc.

Implementation choices

  • QtRuby app - lets us communicate with the OS to create a full Ruby interactive environment
  • Minitest/Minispec for testing. Yes, code must be tested
  • Tutorial content is easy to create just drop HTML files on disk locally to the KidsRuby editor.
  • Using a modified version of the JS library Turtlewax for the Turtle implementation

Running it:

ruby main.rb

Getting setup on Ubuntu: Coming soon...

Getting setup on a Mac using Homebrew

I used the qtbindings gem: Since I also run homebrew, I discovered that the homebrew install for Qt4 needed a little symlinking before I could run the gem install for qtbindings as described here:

To summarize:

brew install dbus
brew install qt --with-qtdbus
for DIR in /usr/local/Cellar/qt/4.7.1/lib/*.framework; do ln -s $DIR/Headers ${DIR%%/lib/*}/include/$(basename $DIR .framework); done
gem install qtbindings


  • create hackety-hack compatible class with UI dialogs for ask/alert
  • get syntax highlighting correct for Ruby code
  • create hackety-hack compatible class for Turtle graphics
  • tabbed divs for output/turtle/help
  • layout for local html pages with tutorials
  • implement Turtle width and height methods
  • correct top/bottom orientation for Turtle relative to user
  • adjust proportions of editor to sidebar for more visible space for tutorial section
  • home to main index for help & browser forward/back buttons for help section
  • split up HH help "pages" to go forward/back like the original tutorial
  • make the canvas bigger for the Turtle
  • add Gosu libs/classes to KidsRuby OS to make it easy to write games right away
  • How to use KidsRuby
  • editor save/open



  • capture keystrokes within main Qt app and pipe to stdin when executing ruby process so we can support gets


  • make the Run button WAY WAY bigger


  • paste into editor (copy already works)


  • copy relevant basic ruby part from Hackety Hack tutorial


  • make it easy to run pie (see what I did there?)
  • create Shoes compatible classes (slippers?) to run Shoes example code too