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/* Header file containing various functions for GC guard table. */
#ifndef GC_GUARD_H
#define GC_GUARD_H
#include "ruby_xnd_internal.h"
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_register_xnd_mblock(XndObject *xnd, VALUE mblock);
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_register_xnd_type(XndObject *xnd, VALUE type);
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_register_mblock_type(MemoryBlockObject *mblock, VALUE type);
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_unregister_xnd_mblock(XndObject *mblock);
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_unregister_xnd_type(XndObject *mblock);
void rb_xnd_gc_guard_unregister_mblock_type(MemoryBlockObject *mblock);
void rb_xnd_init_gc_guard(void);
#endif /* GC_GUARD_H */
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