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XReSign - developer tool to sign or resign iOS app (.ipa) files with a digital certificate from Apple.
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XReSign allows you to sign or resign unencrypted ipa-files with certificate for which you hold the corresponding private key. Checked for developer, ad-hoc and enterprise distribution.

How to use

GUI application


Shell command

In addition to GUI app, you can find, inside Scripts folder, script to run resign task from the command line.


$ ./ -s path -c certificate [-p path] [-b identifier]

-s  path to ipa file which you want to sign/resign
-c  signing certificate Common Name from Keychain
-p  path to mobile provisioning file (Optional)
-b  Bundle identifier (Optional)


Inspired by such great tool as iReSign and other command line scripts to resign the ipa files. Unfortunately a lot of them not supported today. So this is an attempt to support resign the app bundle components both through the GUI application and through the command line script.

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