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Official International Name days API library

Name day API library for

This library makes it easy to send requests towards API. API provides name days for various countries.


The recommended way to install package is through Composer.

# Install Composer
curl -sS | php

Next, run the Composer command to install the latest stable version of package:

composer require xnekv03/nameday-api

After installing, you need to require Composer's autoloader:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

You can then later update package using composer:

composer update

List of supported countries

Constantly adding new Country codes, please check for updated list.

When using country codes in the library you can use either country names or country codes.

  • Country names
    • United States
    • Czech Republic
    • Slovakia
    • Poland
    • France
    • Hungary
    • Croatia
    • Sweden
    • Austria
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Spain
  • Country codes
    • us
    • cz
    • sk
    • pl
    • fr
    • hu
    • hr
    • se
    • at
    • it
    • de
    • es


create an instance of the class
use Xnekv03\ApiNameday\ApiNamedayClass as Nameday;

$nameday = new Nameday();
$nameday = new Nameday('America/Vancouver'); # time zone specification, other then system default (see below)
Request name days for today / tomorrow / yesterday
echo $nameday->today(); # {"data":{"day":27,"month":8,"name_us":"Caesar, Cesar ... }}
echo $nameday->tomorrow(); # {"data":{"day":28,"month":8,"name_us":"Agustin, August, Augusta ... }}
echo $nameday->yesterday(); # {"data":{"day":26,"month":8,"name_us":"Percival, Percy ... }}
Request name days for today / tomorrow / yesterday for specific country only
echo $nameday->today('sk'); # {"data":{"day":27,"month":8,"name_sk":"Silvia"}}

echo $nameday->tomorrow('at'); # {"data":{"day":28,"month":8,"name_at":"Adelinde, Aline, Augustin"}}

echo $nameday->yesterday('de'); # {"data":{"day":26,"month":8,"name_de":"Margarita, Miriam, Patricia, Teresa"}}
Request name days for specific date

$nameday->specificDay(int $day, int $month, string $countryCode)

echo $nameday->specificDay(21,10); # {"data":{"day":21,"month":10,"name_us":"Celina, Celine, Nobel" ... }}
Request name days for specific date and for specific country only

simply add optional third string parameter $countryCode, which must be one of the supported country codes

echo $nameday->specificDay(29,3,'es'); # {"data":{"day":29,"month":3,"name_es":"Jonas, Segundo"}}

echo $nameday->specificDay(2,12,'de'); # {"data":{"day":2,"month":12,"name_de":"Bibiana, Jan, Lucius"}}

echo $nameday->specificDay(12,1,'pl'); # {"data":{"day":22,"month":1,"name_pl":"Anastazy, Dobromysł, Dorian, Marta, Wincenty"}}

echo $nameday->specificDay(2,2,'hr'); # {"data":{"day":2,"month":2,"name_hr":"Marijan"}}
Request name day in country calendar

Will return all days in given calendar which contains the name.

searchByName(string $day, string $countryCode)

Both parameters are required. Parameter $countryCode must be one of the supported country codes

echo $nameday->searchByName('Jan','cz'); # {"calendar":"cz","results":[{"day":24,"month":5,"name":"Jana"},{"day":24,"month":6,"name":"Jan"} ... }}

Specification of time zone

Time zone is set by local php.ini settings. Therefore $nameday->today() will return result according to that. If you need to specify different time zone you can do so by adding optional parameter $timeZone to the constructor. $timeZone must be PHP time zones string or integer offset to GMT.

$nameday = new Nameday('Pacific/Honolulu');
echo $nameday->today(); # will return today name days according to Pacific/Honolulu time zone
$nameday = new Nameday('+13:30');
echo $nameday->tomorrow(); # will return today name days according to given UTC offset


Make sure you have proper certificates stored on your local machine as Name day API uses HTTPS only.

If you run into problems with server certificate try downloading the The Mozilla CA certificate store, save it on your system and configure php.ini

; A default value for the CURLOPT_CAINFO option. This is required to be an
; absolute path.
curl.cainfo = "C:\...\cacert.pem"