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Current we support building Seafile client(i686/x86_64) for Windows/Linux on Fedora development environment. We may support more Linux distributions in the future.

Initialize and build

When you are in Fedora, run script to install all necessray packages firstly.

How to build Windows client

Run make or make HOST_OS=MINGW32 and get i686 32-bits ./ms-build folder. Run make HOST_OS=MINGW64 and get x86_64-bits ./ms-build64 folder.

How to build Linux client

Run make HOST_OS= and get ./build folder.

How to run docker script

Run to create docker image and related environment for the first time. Run to create a new docker instance and build Seafile client. The build contents would be placed in your host directory by docker volumn. In your ./build it's the Linux build. The ./ms-build is the 32-bits Windows build and ./ms-build64 is the 64-bits build. Run to drop the docker image and related environment.

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