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#!/bin/sh -e
# Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>, June 2000
# Updated for GHC 5.00, Simon Marlow, March 2001
# Updated for GHC 5.04.3, Urban Boquist, March 2003
# Script to build GHC from .hc files (must be run in the fptools/ root
# directory into which the source and .hc files must already have been
# unpacked). All options are passed through to ./configure (especially
# useful with --prefix).
configopts="$*" # e.g., --enable-hc-boot-unregisterised
# check for GNU make
MAKENAMES="gmake make no-make"
for make in $MAKENAMES; do
$make --version 2>&1 | grep "GNU Make" >/dev/null && break
if [ $MAKE = no-make ]; then
echo "Fatal error: Cannot find the GNU make utility"
exit 1
# build configuration
case "$configopts" in
cat >>mk/ <<END
cat >>mk/ <<END
# empty
echo "*** Building compiler..."
./configure --enable-hc-boot $configopts
# ToDo: figure out the minimal correct sequence here
$MAKE -C utils/mkdependC boot all
$MAKE -C utils/unlit boot all
$MAKE -C utils/mkdirhier boot all
$MAKE -C driver/mangler boot all
$MAKE -C includes boot all
$MAKE -C rts boot all
$MAKE -C libraries boot all GhcBootLibs=YES
$MAKE -C compat boot all
$MAKE -C utils boot all
$MAKE -C compiler boot all
echo "*** Building libraries..."
# Get rid of --enable-hc-boot-unregisterised in $configotps if we had it
configopts=`echo $configopts | sed s/--enable-hc-boot-unregisterised//`
# Reconfigure, using the newly-build ghc binary as our $(GHC), and
# with hc bootstrapping disabled.
HappyCmd="$PWD/distrib/fake-happy" ./configure --with-ghc="$PWD/compiler/ghc-inplace" $configopts
PRIMOP_BITS="primop-data-decl.hs-incl \
primop-tag.hs-incl \
primop-list.hs-incl \
primop-has-side-effects.hs-incl \
primop-out-of-line.hs-incl \
primop-commutable.hs-incl \
primop-needs-wrapper.hs-incl \
primop-can-fail.hs-incl \
primop-strictness.hs-incl \
primop-usage.hs-incl \
# Remove the old libraries. Don't use make clean, because we don't
# want to delete the .hs files generated from the .hsc files, because
# we don't have hsc2hs built yet.
find libraries hslibs | grep '\.[oa]$' | xargs rm -f
# Do includes and RTS now
$MAKE -C includes boot && $MAKE -C includes all
$MAKE -C rts boot && $MAKE -C rts all
# Now build a new set of libraries (GhcBootLibs only for now)
$MAKE -C libraries boot all GhcBootLibs=YES
# Build all of compat
$MAKE -C compat clean && $MAKE -C compat boot all
# Build all of utils
$MAKE -C utils clean && $MAKE -C utils boot all
# Build the rest of the libraries
$MAKE -C libraries boot all
# The reconfigure step updates a few files, which can lead to
# unnecessary recompilations. Touch a bunch of things here to avoid
# having to recompile stuff that we've already built.
(cd compiler; touch main/Config.hs $PRIMOP_BITS stage1/*/*.o stage1/ghc-* ghc-*)
echo hc-build done
echo The tree should be safe to do 'make install stage=1' in.
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