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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The GHC Team 1998-2000
* Main function for a standalone Haskell program.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#include "PosixSource.h"
#include "Rts.h"
#include "RtsAPI.h"
#include "RtsUtils.h"
#include "Prelude.h"
#include "Task.h"
#if defined(mingw32_HOST_OS)
#include "win32/seh_excn.h"
#ifdef DEBUG
# include "Printer.h" /* for printing */
# include <windows.h>
/* Annoying global vars for passing parameters to real_main() below
* This is to get around problem with Windows SEH, see hs_main(). */
static int progargc;
static char **progargv;
static StgClosure *progmain_closure; /* This will be ZCMain_main_closure */
static RtsConfig rtsconfig;
/* Hack: we assume that we're building a batch-mode system unless
#ifndef INTERPRETER /* Hack */
static void real_main(void) GNUC3_ATTRIBUTE(__noreturn__);
static void real_main(void)
int exit_status;
SchedulerStatus status;
hs_init_ghc(&progargc, &progargv, rtsconfig);
/* kick off the computation by creating the main thread with a pointer
to mainIO_closure representing the computation of the overall program;
then enter the scheduler with this thread and off we go;
the same for GranSim (we have only one instance of this code)
in a parallel setup, where we have many instances of this code
running on different PEs, we should do this only for the main PE
(IAmMainThread is set in startupHaskell)
/* ToDo: want to start with a larger stack size */
Capability *cap = rts_lock();
rts_evalLazyIO(&cap,progmain_closure, NULL);
status = rts_getSchedStatus(cap);
/* check the status of the entire Haskell computation */
switch (status) {
case Killed:
errorBelch("main thread exited (uncaught exception)");
exit_status = EXIT_KILLED;
case Interrupted:
exit_status = EXIT_INTERRUPTED;
case HeapExhausted:
exit_status = EXIT_HEAPOVERFLOW;
case Success:
exit_status = EXIT_SUCCESS;
barf("main thread completed with invalid status");
/* The rts entry point from a compiled program using a Haskell main
* function. This gets called from a tiny main function generated by
* GHC and linked into each compiled Haskell program that uses a
* Haskell main function.
* We expect the caller to pass ZCMain_main_closure for
* main_closure. The reason we cannot refer to this symbol directly
* is because we're inside the rts and we do not know for sure that
* we'll be using a Haskell main function.
int hs_main (int argc, char *argv[], // program args
StgClosure *main_closure, // closure for Main.main
RtsConfig rts_config) // RTS configuration
/* We do this dance with argc and argv as otherwise the SEH exception
stuff (the BEGIN/END CATCH below) on Windows gets confused */
progargc = argc;
progargv = argv;
progmain_closure = main_closure;
rtsconfig = rts_config;
#if defined(mingw32_HOST_OS) && defined(i386_HOST_ARCH)
#if defined(mingw32_HOST_OS) && defined(i386_HOST_ARCH)
# endif /* BATCH_MODE */
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