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usql v0.9.0

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@kenshaw kenshaw released this 29 Apr 12:42
· 239 commits to master since this release

New major features:

  • Enabled autocomplete for \ commands (including files for \i, DSNs for \c, fields for \pset) and context-based completion for SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE queries and variables
  • Added a \copy command to copy data between different databases (local files are not supported yet)
  • Added a \crosstab command
  • Added a \G exec command that outputs in a vertical format (ala mysql)
  • Added a \watch command
  • PAGER support
  • Added \o and \qecho commands to send output to files or pipe to other system commands
  • Added the optional FILE argument to \g and \gx to send their output to a file or pipe to other system commands; the commands also support passing formatting options
  • Support the unaligned, tuples_only, html and asciidoc output formats
  • Context propagation and cancellation (CTRL+C) for in-flight queries

New Database Support:

  • Netezza
  • csvq - supports CSV, TSV, JSON and other flat files

Other fixes/improvements:

  • Added a -G for vertical output (see \G above)
  • Added a -q flag and associated QUIET environment variable to enable quiet output
  • Implement the auto option for the \x command
  • Fixed issues with escaped and other special characters when \set-ting variables
  • The \begin transaction command now supports all of Go's transaction isolation levels, and read-only support
  • \d updated to print relations, foreign keys, and other constraints for tables
  • The \d* commands now provide more information and work better with some databases; they also do a better job of hiding system objects by default
  • \d command support for the Snowflake database
  • Now sets the ROW_COUNT variable for DML queries
  • Fixes table titles


  • has been updated with details on implementing \d* / autocomplete for other databases