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Add links to Flask-Gears and gears-cli in readme

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@@ -8,8 +8,12 @@ inspired by Ruby's Sprockets_. It includes support for writing scripts, styles
and client templates using CoffeeScript_, Handlebars_, Stylus_, Less_, SASS_
and SCSS_. New compilers can be also easily added.
-There is also an app for Django called django-gears_ that integrates Gears
-into Django project. You can read more on the project page.
+There is also:
+- django-gears_, an app for Django that integrates Gears with Django project;
+- Flask-Gears_, an extension that integrates Gears with Flask application;
+- gears-cli_, a command-line utility that compiles assets. It also can watch
+ assets for changes and automaticaly re-compile them.
@@ -113,3 +117,5 @@ Feel free to fork, send pull requests or report bugs and issues on github.
.. _SCSS:
.. _django-gears:
+.. _flask-gears:
+.. _gears-cli:

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