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NeTV2 MCU Firmware

This repository contains the MCU firmware for the ARM control processor on the NeTV2 board.

The main job of the MCU is to reset the FPGA and program the NOR flash.

The MCU is a MK20DX128VFM5 ( ARM Cortex-M4 Kinetis K20 Microcontroller).

The MCU is currently connected to;

  • 2-wire debug to the 0.1" header.
  • USB interface to the USB pins on the mPCIe header.
  • FPGA reset and status pins.
  • SPI NOR flash (via level shifter).
  • Serial UART connected to 0.1" header & FPGA pins.

See NeTV2 schematic for the full details.


The MCU runs ChibiOS.


Custom code is under FIXME Xobs - Put info here Chibios RT & NIL is under GPL 3.0 Chibios HAL is under Apache 2.0