Kernel modules for GC2000 in i.MX6
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This contains kernel modules for the various ABIs supported by different Freescale userspace drivers.

Compile the kernel module with:

make -C {path-to-kernel-directory} M=$PWD AQROOT=$PWD CONFIG_MXC_GPU_VIV=m 

Then copy galcore.ko to your board.

Device Tree

This module supports device tree configuration. Add the following entry to your board's .dts file:

    soc {
            gpu {
                    compatible = "fsl,imx6q-gpu";
                    clocks = <&clks 122>, <&clks 74>, <&clks 27>,
                            <&clks 121>, <&clks 26>,
                            <&clks 143>;
                    clock-names = "gpu3d_clk", "gpu3d_shader_clk", "gpu3d_axi_clk",
                            "gpu2d_clk", "gpu2d_axi_clk",
                    interrupts = <0 9 0x04>, <0 10 0x04>, <0 11 0x04>;
                    interrupt-names = "irq-3d", "irq-2d", "irq-vg";
                    reg = <0 0>, <0x00130000 0x4000>, <0x00134000 0x4000>, <0x02204000 0x4000>;
                    reg-names = "phys-addr", "iobase-3d", "iobase-2d", "iobase-vg";

Xorg driver

The xorg driver currently requires a separate DRI module, "Vivante GC2000:00". Eventually we'll support imx-drm:00 which is shipping, but for now you'll have to build the module yourself.


This has been tested with Linux 3.11.

Each Freescale release has its own branch here.

Note that there are to versions of The -old branch is from L3.0.35_4.0.0_130424 and is compatible with modules from that release. The other version is compatible with the latest BSP, available from git.