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Hands-on tutorial for getting started with StackStorm
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StackStorm tutorial pack

This pack provides resources for a somewhat technical tutorial on several key features in StackStrom. For in-depth details, please visit the excellent StackStorm documentation page.

Prep Instructions

You will need a workstation:

If you don't have a linux based workstation, you'll need to provision one and load StackStorm.

This can be done by getting access to a clean installation of Ubuntu Mate: (

You can install this in a VM and setup according to your location. Power on the workstation and login!

To setup your workstation check out the guide here( Clicking this link will download the guide.


In this tutorial we will build a stackstorm workflow that will get the Astronomical Picture of the Day (apod) from a nasa website. Once we get the data from the nasa server we will assign it to a local variable and post a message in the rabbitmq bus.

To do this we will load the rabbitmq pack and test writing messages to it.

Finally we will write a sensor that monitors the rabbitmq looking for new messages, if found, we will call another stackstorm action to write the link to a html index file.

If you find any problems or bugs in this tutorial, please leave me an issue on github at: My Github Repo


Objective - what success looks like

  1. Initialization
  2. Script Actions
  3. Native Python Actions
  4. Packs
  5. Context
  6. Workflows
  7. Event Driven Automation
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