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                  github pull request interface for concourse

= about

Concourse uses statically defined resources in order to manage build
dependencies. A resource is an external stream of versions that map to
artefacts. This maps well onto Git repositories, S3 buckets, and even time.

Unfortunately mapping an entire repository's worth of pull requests into a
version of a resource is not simple because here is no absolute ordering and
old versions in the history may not be valid as people force push over the top
of their pull requests. Pull requests aren't a good fit for the resource
abstraction. It may be possible to get them working but given the complexity
there must be some edge cases that we'd miss.

Checkin is the new approach that uses the API of both platforms (GitHub and
Concourse) to join the two without them needing to know about each other.

Here's how it works:

1. Checkin is deployed somewhere on the internet that can be reached by GitHub
   and where it can reach your Concourse server.

2. GitHub pull request events are sent to your application which builds a
   execution plan from a template.

3. The plan is submitted to Concourse which dutifully runs it. Checkin keeps
   tabs on the build and if it passes then the commit is marked as successful
   on GitHub.