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This repository contains all the source material for the Modelica Web Reference application hosted by Xogeny.


It is impossible to cram the entire Modelica specification into a simple "cheatsheet". So I tried to leverage technology to create this Modelica Web Reference.

The goals of this web reference are:

  • To provide a distilled version of what is in the specification.
  • To be relatively complete with respect to the keywords, operators, types, functions and annotations defined in the specification.
  • To provide links back to the relevant sections of the specification when the detail included here is not sufficient.
  • To keep all information within one click for users (i.e. no deep hierarchies of organizational structure).
  • Provide a way for people to learn about features in Modelica they were no previously aware of without having to read the entire specification.


I very much welcome any feedback or contributions to this reference material. If I implement any of your suggestions, I will gladly list you in the acknowledgments section.

The simplest way to accept a contribution (i.e. correction or improvement) to this reference material is via pull request. Alternatively, you can submit an issue to the issue tracker.

The reference was developed under Linux although it should be possible to "assemble" the complete web page on any system that has a copy of Python with the Jinja2 extension install. The script 'autobuild.sh' is useful while editing the source material because it triggers a rebuild of the main page for every modification of the source material.


This reference material is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The main reason behind choosing this license is simply to avoid a proliferation of slightly different (or worse, erroneous) reference materials. By having one "master" copy of this reference, my hope is to keep all improvements funneled into this master copy.

Note: For the purpose of these licensing terms, I will not consider a Fork on GitHub to be a derived work. Feel free to fork the code and submit pull requests to me with your enhancements. The only thing I want to restrict is the republications of the completely assembed web page.

Of course, this is a Creative Commons license so you can feel free to share or distribute copies of the master version.