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I tried to test this with new lpeg in osx, but I get this error:

./lxsh/lexers/init.lua:38: bad argument #1 to 'B' (pattern may not have fixed length)

test code:

require 'lxsh'
-- Run the lexer on a string of source code.
for kind, text, lnum, cnum in lxsh.lexers.lua.gmatch 'i = i + 1\n-- example' do
print(string.format('%s: %q (%i:%i)', kind, text, lnum, cnum))


I can confirm the above report: when you use lpeg 0.12 or lpeg 0.11 you get that error.

lxsh doesn't work with lpeg 0.9 either:

.../lxsh/lexers/init.lua:38: attempt to call field 'B' (a nil value)

It does work with lpeg 0.10.


This is indeed an issue. Just posted to the lua mailing list about it.


lpeg 1.0 fixes the bug in lpeg that causes this.

If you add a dependency on lpeg >= 1.0 I think this issue can be marked done.

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