A client for Music Player Daemon that fills your playlist based on similar artists from Last.fm
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Your own personalized radio station: mpd-myfm

The [mpd-myfm.py] script Python script implements a console client for [Music Player Daemon] mpd that adds tracks from similar artists to your play-list before you reach the end of your play-list. It's called 'mpd-myfm' because it's supposed to work like a personalized radio station that adapts to your moods and favorites.

Similar artists and favorite tracks are retrieved from the [Last.fm] lastfm database, which means you'll need an active internet connection for the client to work.

Unless you're running Music Player Daemon on your local machine you'll need to provide the host name to the client using the -H or --host command-line option. You can use -h or --help to show a list of available options.

This script uses the Python mpd lib module. On Ubuntu ubuntu you can install this module by executing the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install python-mpd

Otherwise just download mpd.py from the module's [homepage] lib.

To disable the client without killing it you can enable random and/or repeat. The client will start working again when you disable both random and repeat.