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API documentation

The following documentation is based on the source code of version |release| of the humanfriendly package.

A note about backwards compatibility

The humanfriendly package started out as a single :mod:`humanfriendly` module. Eventually this module grew to a size that necessitated splitting up the code into multiple modules (see e.g. :mod:`~humanfriendly.tables`, :mod:`~humanfriendly.terminal`, :mod:`~humanfriendly.text` and :mod:`~humanfriendly.usage`). Most of the functionality that remains in the :mod:`humanfriendly` module will eventually be moved to submodules as well (as time permits and a logical subdivision of functionality presents itself to me).

While moving functionality around like this my goal is to always preserve backwards compatibility. For example if a function is moved to a submodule an import of that function is added in the main module so that backwards compatibility with previously written import statements is preserved.

If backwards compatibility of documented functionality has to be broken then the major version number will be bumped. So if you're using the humanfriendly package in your project, make sure to at least pin the major version number in order to avoid unexpected surprises.

The :mod:`humanfriendly` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.cli` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.compat` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.prompts` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.sphinx` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.text` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.tables` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.terminal` module

The :mod:`humanfriendly.usage` module