Easytags strips folds from shell scripts #20

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Hi, thanks for the great extension. I have noticed a problem with folding.

I have syntax folding and Bash folding enabled in my .vimrc:

set foldmethod=syntax
let g:is_bash = 1
let g:sh_fold_enabled = 3

When I don't have Easytags syntax highlighting enabled the folds are correct:


When it is enabled after the first update (manual or automatic) all the folds disappear:


I'm brand new to Vim so don't really know how to go about diagnosing the problem further, but it doesn't seem to affect Ruby, which is the only other file type I tried.

xolox commented Oct 29, 2011

Thanks for the bug report, I can reproduce the problem but I'm not yet sure how to fix it.

@xolox xolox added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 29, 2011
@xolox Make list of ignored syntax groups configurable
While trying to fix issue #20 I decided to refactor the code that
handles ignored syntax groups: Previously the list of excluded groups
was hard coded in two places, now it's a configuration option. Then
it turned out that including shFunction* in the list of excluded
syntax groups didn't fix the reported issue...
xolox commented Oct 29, 2011

I think the issue is fixed now. Thanks for the bug report!


Yes, it's fixed now, thank you for such a quick reply!

It seems there is a side-effect, although it's not particularly important. This no longer works:

hi shFunctionTag guifg=#268bd2

For example, using the Solarized colorscheme the functions themselves remain blue, but the instances of the functions being used elsewhere are green.

In any case, the folding is fixed, which is more important than the color ;)

@deadite81 deadite81 closed this Oct 30, 2011
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