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If you create a ctag.cnf file in your home folder and exclude a language eg with this line:


it upsets easytags.The error is

easytags.vim 3.4: Failed to get supported languages! (output: Ant^@Asm^@Asp^@Awk^@Basic^@BETA^@C^@C++^@C#^@Cobol^@DosBatch^@Eiffel^@Erlang^@Flex^@Fortran^@HTML^@Java^@JavaScript [disabled]^@Lisp^@Lua^@Make^@MatLab^@OCaml^@Pascal^@Perl^@PHP^@Python^@REXX^@Ruby^@Scheme^@Sh^@SLang^@SML^@SQL^@Tcl^@Tex^@Vera^@Verilog^@VHDL^@Vim^@YACC) (at function xolox#easytags#autoload..xolox#easytags#select_supported_filetypes..xolox#easytags#supported_filetypes..<SNR>55_check_filetype, line 3)

This could be caused by ctags introducing "[disabled]" in the output of

ctags --list-languages 

when you exclude a language.

@xolox xolox added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 1, 2013
@xolox Bug fix: Support for disabled languages in Exuberant Ctags (issue #62)
See issue #62 on GitHub:

Hmm, I didn't know about this feature of Exuberant Ctags (that users can disable specific languages using command line options / configuration directives). Thanks for the clear bug report though, that made it very easy to fix! I just released version 3.4.3 which fixes the problem. I'm closing this issue now as the problem should be resolved, but if you encounter any (new) problems feel free to reopen this issue or create a new one. Happy Vimming!

@xolox xolox closed this Sep 1, 2013

Great - thanks for fixing!

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