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Java interfaces support #59

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This commit adds support for highlighting java interfaces. I'm working with ctags-5.8 where java interfaces are marked with 'i' and are not recognized by the plugin.

@xolox xolox merged commit 57c43f3 into from

I just merged and published your changes. Thanks for the contribution!

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Commits on Jul 10, 2013
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  1. +6 −0 autoload/xolox/easytags.vim
6 autoload/xolox/easytags.vim
@@ -1052,11 +1052,17 @@ call xolox#easytags#define_tagkind({
call xolox#easytags#define_tagkind({
\ 'filetype': 'java',
+ \ 'hlgroup': 'javaInterface',
+ \ 'tagkinds': 'i'})
+call xolox#easytags#define_tagkind({
+ \ 'filetype': 'java',
\ 'hlgroup': 'javaMethod',
\ 'tagkinds': 'm'})
highlight def link javaClass Identifier
highlight def link javaMethod Function
+highlight def link javaInterface Identifier
" C#. {{{2
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