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" Vim file type plug-in
" Language: Lua 5.1
" Author: Peter Odding <>
" Last Change: June 18, 2011
" URL:
if exists('b:did_ftplugin')
let b:did_ftplugin = 1
" A list of commands that undo buffer local changes made below.
let s:undo_ftplugin = []
" Set comment (formatting) related options. {{{1
setlocal fo-=t fo+=c fo+=r fo+=o fo+=q fo+=l
setlocal cms=--%s com=s:--[[,m:\ ,e:]],:--
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'setlocal fo< cms< com<')
" Tell Vim how to follow dofile(), loadfile() and require() calls. {{{1
let &l:include = '\v<((do|load)file|require)[^''"]*[''"]\zs[^''"]+'
let &l:includeexpr = 'xolox#lua#includeexpr(v:fname)'
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'setlocal inc< inex<')
" Enable completion of Lua keywords, globals and library members. {{{1
setlocal completefunc=xolox#lua#completefunc
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'setlocal completefunc<')
" Enable dynamic completion by searching "package.path" and "package.cpath". {{{1
setlocal omnifunc=xolox#lua#omnifunc
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'setlocal omnifunc<')
" Set a filename filter for the Windows file open/save dialogs. {{{1
if has('gui_win32') && !exists('b:browsefilter')
let b:browsefilter = "Lua Files (*.lua)\t*.lua\nAll Files (*.*)\t*.*\n"
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unlet! b:browsefilter')
" Define a buffer local command to manually check the syntax.
command! -bar -buffer CheckSyntax call xolox#lua#checksyntax()
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'delcommand CheckSyntax')
" Define a buffer local command to manually check for global variables.
command! -bar -bang -buffer CheckGlobals call xolox#lua#checkglobals(<q-bang> == '!')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'delcommand CheckGlobals')
" Define mappings for context-sensitive help using Lua Reference for Vim. {{{1
imap <buffer> <F1> <C-o>:call xolox#lua#help()<Cr>
nmap <buffer> <F1> :call xolox#lua#help()<Cr>
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'iunmap <buffer> <F1>')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'nunmap <buffer> <F1>')
" Define custom text objects to navigate Lua source code. {{{1
noremap <buffer> <silent> [{ m':call xolox#lua#jumpblock(0)<Cr>
noremap <buffer> <silent> ]} m':call xolox#lua#jumpblock(1)<Cr>
noremap <buffer> <silent> [[ m':call xolox#lua#jumpthisfunc(0)<Cr>
noremap <buffer> <silent> ][ m':call xolox#lua#jumpthisfunc(1)<Cr>
noremap <buffer> <silent> [] m':call xolox#lua#jumpotherfunc(0)<Cr>
noremap <buffer> <silent> ]] m':call xolox#lua#jumpotherfunc(1)<Cr>
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> [{')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> ]}')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> [[')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> ][')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> []')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unmap <buffer> ]]')
" Enable extended matching with "%" using the "matchit" plug-in. {{{1
if exists('loaded_matchit')
let b:match_ignorecase = 0
let b:match_words = 'xolox#lua#matchit()'
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'unlet! b:match_ignorecase b:match_words b:match_skip')
" Enable dynamic completion on typing "require('" or "variable."? {{{1
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <expr> . xolox#lua#completedynamic('.')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'iunmap <buffer> .')
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <expr> ' xolox#lua#completedynamic("'")
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, "iunmap <buffer> '")
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <expr> " xolox#lua#completedynamic('"')
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'iunmap <buffer> "')
" Enable tool tips with function signatures? {{{1
if has('balloon_eval')
setlocal ballooneval balloonexpr=xolox#lua#getsignature(v:beval_text)
call add(s:undo_ftplugin, 'setlocal ballooneval< balloonexpr<')
" }}}1
" Let Vim know how to disable the plug-in.
call map(s:undo_ftplugin, "'execute ' . string(v:val)")
let b:undo_ftplugin = join(s:undo_ftplugin, ' | ')
unlet s:undo_ftplugin
" vim: ts=2 sw=2 et
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