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TODO: Argument count tooltips now work reliably

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* OMNI completion for in scope variables (including display of library function signatures). This will probably get complicated because most times when you want completion you'll already have typed half a statement, and LuaInspect will find syntax errors when trying to parse the source text. `scite.lua` can just use the last known valid AST but `luainspect4vim.lua` cannot keep this around when executed as an external process…
* Document g:lua_inspect_path option.
* Check whether "core/SciTE: jump to definition now supports functions in different files." is interesting.
- * Argument count warning tool tips are only shown for parts of the highlighted text. This might have been fixed in recent changes to LuaInspect.
* Bug: The plug-in sometimes warns `Invalid output from luainspect4vim.lua: 'This is an unknown table field.'`. Mixup between tool tip / highlight response parsing?!
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