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Missing highlight #17

fedesilvaponte opened this Issue · 3 comments

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fedesilvaponte Peter Odding

I'm having this error on some notes, not sure what causes it. I have some notes with hightlight and syntax completion but other without it.

Peter Odding xolox referenced this issue from a commit
Peter Odding Move file type detection back to plugin script (issues #16 & #17)
Since I published the notes.vim plug-in I cannot remember ever
getting a single complaint about the file type not loading,
however since I introduced "ftdetect/notes.vim" I've gotten
several complaints. I'm hoping this commit will resolve the
issues some users have been experiencing.

Still it's strange that I'm not experiencing the issue myself.

Oh well.
Peter Odding

I hope the change I just made to the notes plug-in resolves your issue. If it does I would appreciate it if you can confirm this by closing the issue on GitHub. Thanks for your feedback!


I added this to the vimrc and the problem was solved for now. I'll get the latest version to see how it works now anyway.

autocmd BufEnter ~/Documentos/Notas/* :set syntax=notes


Peter Odding

Closing old issues. If this is still a problem (I suspect not), feel free to reopen the issue.

Peter Odding xolox closed this
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