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support subfolders #18

zhaocai opened this Issue Jan 4, 2012 · 5 comments

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zhaocai commented Jan 4, 2012

as title. can I put notes into subfolders and name the title correspondingly.

For example, file 'This is a test' in folder 'Test'

Test/This is a test



I second this request. It would be nice to organize items a little better..

ifoox commented Nov 23, 2012

This would be really useful!

@xolox xolox added a commit that referenced this issue May 12, 2013
@xolox Support for multiple directories with notes (related to issue #18)
Issue #18 on GitHub:
xolox commented May 12, 2013

I had already planned to add support for multiple directories, as in the new g:notes_directories option. Is this enough for your organizational needs? Differences between the new feature I just published and the feature you've suggested:

  1. In my current implementation of multiple directories you don't see the directory name in the note's title because the directories may not be related at all (see the example in the documentation).

  2. Only the directories included in the g:notes_directories list are scanned for notes; there's no recursive handling.

xolox commented Jul 7, 2014

Since my last update in this case I've gotten more requests to add support for recursive handling, so I've finally decided to add it despite the fact that I have no use for the feature myself. Please refer to issue #71 for details.

I'm closing this issue now because the feature is implemented. If any of you encounter issues with the new feature feel free to reply in #71 or create a new issue. Thanks for the feedback everyone and happy Vimming!

@xolox xolox closed this Jul 7, 2014
jsit commented Apr 5, 2016

Can I specify in which directory to create a new note with :Note? :Note dir/subdir/name of note doesn't seem to work

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