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Error when searching for non-existing string with :SearchNotes #47

jfremstad opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I have two notes which do not contain "skdjfh".

:SearchNote skdjfh gives this error:

notes.vim 0.23.2: Searching notes using keyword index ..
Error detected while processing function
line    9:
E683: File name missing or invalid pattern
Error detected while processing function
line   30:
E171: Missing :endif
Error detected while processing function xolox#notes#search:
line   18:
E171: Missing :endif

Edit: A similar error message when trying this aswell: :SearchNote /skdjfh/

@xolox xolox referenced this issue from a commit
@xolox Improvements to
 - Bug fix: Output encoding of listed keywords
 - Bug fix: Don't print empty line when there's no matches
   (related to issue #47 but not a complete solution ... yet)
 - Move index version to variable

See also issue #47 on GitHub:
@xolox xolox referenced this issue from a commit
@xolox Bug fix for communication between notes.vim and*
The problem was that there was no way to distinguish the two cases:

  1. The script successfully reported no matches.
  2. The script failed with an error (or couldn't even be executed).

Now the two cases are properly disambiguated.

See issue #47 on GitHub:

I think both problems you reported are now fixed, can you confirm? If the problem is resolved feel free to close this issue. Thanks for the feedback!


The problems are fixed, and it works perfectly. Thank you for the fix!

@jfremstad jfremstad closed this
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