Add a .gitignore and avoid bad filenames on OSX #28

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I have two trivial changes that fixed little issues for me:

  1. ignore the plugin-generated files that relate to tags (tags.txt and index.pickle) to make install & upkeep of the plugin as a git repo hassle-free
  2. strip colons from filenames converted from titles because they are forbidden in OSX filenames (it's some kind of dir separator for backwards-compatibility or some other nonsense).

shelhamer added some commits Aug 29, 2012

@shelhamer shelhamer Ignore plugin use files (tags index)
Ignore tags.txt and index.pickle for 1. ease of installation as git repo
and 2. ease of development in live installation
@shelhamer shelhamer Strip colons from filenames in OSX
Strip colon in title-to-filename conversion on OSX since they are
forbidden in filenames.

I'd like to second the .gitignore part of this, and add that everything in misc/notes/user should also be ignored.

@shelhamer shelhamer Ignore user notes directory; note default location in docs
- Ignore the contents of the default note directory (misc/notes/user)
- Add .gitignore to default note directory to keep it in repo with no
  chance of note filename collision
- Remove README in default note directory, so that the contents can be
- Add note about default notes directory in the docs to counter removal
  of the README

I ignored misc/notes/user as well, removing the README file and making a note in the docs instead. I'd be happy to split the .gitignore part from the OSX commit to have this merged.

@xolox xolox added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 18, 2013

@xolox xolox Remove misc/notes/user/README, add .gitignore, document g:notes_direc…
…tory (issue #28)

xolox commented Apr 18, 2013

Hi all!

Sorry for the late response. I think all issues mentioned here should now be resolved:

  • Colons in filenames on Mac OS X are now encoded (fixed in xolox#misc#path#encode())
  • Files generated by the plug-in are now ignored in .gitignore, as is doc/tags
  • misc/notes/user/README is gone, as is the containing directory in the repository (I changed the plug-in's initialization code to create the configured directory if it doesn't exist yet, so that the experience for people trying vim-notes for the first time is smooth)
  • I improved the documentation of the g:notes_directory directory to clarify the defaults

I hope this resolves your issues. If not, feel free to reopen the issue on GitHub.

Happy Vimming!

  • Peter

xolox closed this Apr 18, 2013

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