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Here's some things in the nice-to-have department:

  • Build a JavaScript color scheme switcher :-)

  • Hyperlink stuff like Vim functions in Vim scripts and Python standard library identifiers in Python scripts to their online documentation?

  • I once wrote a PHP script that created fancy looking dynamic directory listings for trees of source code published using a previous incarnation of this plug-in. You can see it in action. Should I reincarnate that script as an add-on for the Vim plug-in that generates static index pages which don't need PHP but work just as well?

  • Automatically generate a temporary tags file up front? (So I don't have to rerun the plug-in when I break my easytags.vim plug-in which also breaks the hyperlinking feature of publish.vim.

  • Create an option to publish to a temporary local directory, create a tarball from the published files, upload the tarball to a remote location and unpack it there because establishing SFTP connections has quite a lot of overhead?

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