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Improved integration between
Vim and its environment

This plug-in aims to improve the integration between Vim and its environment by providing functions to switch to full-screen, open URLs in the user's default web browser and execute external commands in the background without opening a command prompt window. A DLL is included to perform these things on Windows, while on UNIX external commands are used.


A few years ago when I was still using Windows I created a libcall() compatible DLL to toggle Vim's GUI window between regular and full-screen mode. I also added a few other useful functions, e.g. openurl() to launch the default web browser and execute() which works like Vim's system() function but doesn't wait for the process to finish and doesn't open a command prompt.

Since then I switched to Linux and didn't look back, which meant the DLL sat in my ~/.vim/etc/ waiting to be revived. Now that I've published my easytags.vim plug-in and put a lot of effort into making it Windows compatible, the execute() function from the DLL would be very useful to run Exuberant Ctags in the background without stealing Vim's focus by opening a command prompt window. This is why I've decided to release the DLL. Because I switched to Linux I've also added an autoload script that wraps the DLL on Windows and calls out to external programs on UNIX (using wmctrl, gnome-open, kde-open, etc.)

Before I go ahead and bundle the DLL with the easytags.vim plug-in I need to make sure that the DLL is compatible with as many Windows Vim installations out there as possible, e.g. XP/Vista/7, different service packs, 32/64 bits, etc. and I don't know where to start! I've uploaded a ZIP archive including a compiled DLL to the Vim scripts page for this plug-in (build using the latest Windows SDK but targeting Windows XP x86 DEBUG, should also work on Vista/7) and the source code is available in the GitHub repository (see the NMAKE makefile for compile instructions).

Testing the plug-in

I'd be very grateful if people would test the plug-in in different environments and report their results by contacting the vim_dev mailing-list or e-mailing me directly at You can test the DLL by unpacking the ZIP archive from in the %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles directory (on Windows) or the ~/.vim/ directory (on UNIX), restarting Vim and testing the three functions as follows from inside Vim:

  1. In graphical Vim execute the following command:

    :call xolox#shell#fullscreen()

    Is Vim's GUI window properly switched to full-screen mode? If so you can return to normal mode by calling the function again. If you're stuck in full-screen Vim, save your existing buffers and press Alt-F4, that should always work.

  2. Execute the following command:

    :call xolox#shell#openurl('')

    Does this open your preferred (or best available) web browser? On UNIX if the environment variable $DISPLAY is empty the plug-in will switch to a command-line browser.

  3. (Windows only) Execute the following command:

    :call xolox#shell#execute('vimrun')

    Immediately after executing this command Vim should respond to input again because execute() doesn't wait for the external command to finish. Also no command prompt window should have been created, which means vimrun.exe is running completely invisible in the background. Please verify this: Open the Windows task manager by pressing Control-Shift-Escape and check that the process vimrun.exe is listed in the processes tab. If you don't see the problem this is solving, try executing vimrun.exe using Vim's built-in system() function instead:

    :call system('vimrun')

    Vim will be completely unresponsive until you "press any key to continue" in the command prompt window that's running vimrun.exe. Now of course the system() function should only be used with non-interactive programs (the documentation says as much) but my point was to simulate an external command that takes a while to finish and blocks Vim while doing so.


If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. the author can be contacted at The latest version is available at and If you like the plug-in please vote for it on


This software is licensed under the MIT license.
© 2010 Peter Odding <>.

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