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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
# TODO Automatically run tests (first have to write them!)
# Required libraries (try "apt-get install python-mechanize").
import ConfigParser
import mechanize
import netrc
import os
import re
import StringIO
import urllib
def main():
# Read the configuration file with plug-in definitions.
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()'~/.vimplugins'))
# Find the name of the git repository on
remote_origin_url = os.popen('git config --get remote.origin.url').read().strip()
assert remote_origin_url, \
"Failed to determine current repository!"
repo_name = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(remote_origin_url))[0]
# Get the script info based on the remote repository name.
assert config.has_section(repo_name), \
"Repository not in configuration file!"
# Find the last released version on
vim_online_url = '' % config.get(repo_name, 'script-id')
print "Finding last released version on %s .." % vim_online_url,
vim_online_page = urllib.urlopen(vim_online_url).read()
released_versions = []
for html_row in re.findall('<tr>.+?</tr>', vim_online_page, re.DOTALL):
if 'download_script.php' in html_row:
version_string ='<b>(\d+(?:\.\d+)+)</b>', html_row).group(1)
released_versions.append(map(int, version_string.split('.')))
assert released_versions, \
"Failed to determine previously released versions!"
previous_release = '.'.join([str(d) for d in released_versions[-1]])
print previous_release
# Find the current version of the plug-in (embedded as
# a string in the auto load script of the plug-in).
print "Finding current version ..",
script_fname = config.get(repo_name, 'autoload-script')
autoload_path = re.sub(r'^autoload/(.+?)\.vim$', r'\1', script_fname)
version_defn = 'let g:%s#version' % autoload_path.replace('/', '#')
version_str = None
for line in open(script_fname):
if line.startswith(version_defn):
version_str = line.split("'")[1]
print version_str
assert version_str, \
"Failed to determine current version!"
if version_str == previous_release:
print "Up to date!"
zip_fname = config.get(repo_name, 'zip-file')
# Push any changes to the remote repository on GitHub.
print "Pushing change sets and tags to GitHub .."
assert os.system('git push origin master') == 0, \
"Failed to push changes to GitHub!"
assert os.system('git push --tags') == 0, \
"Failed to push tags to GitHub!"
# Create a ZIP archive containing the latest release.
print "Generating ZIP archive from HEAD .."
assert os.system('git archive -o "%s" HEAD' % zip_fname) == 0, \
"Failed to prepare ZIP archive!"
# Suggest change log using `git log' between previous/current tag.
print "Waiting for approval of change log .."
suggested_changelog = suggest_changelog(remote_origin_url, previous_release)
approved_changelog = approve_changelog(suggested_changelog)
if not approved_changelog:
print "Empty change log, canceling release .."
# Upload release (under username & password defined in ~/.netrc).
print "Uploading release to Vim Online .."
user_netrc = netrc.netrc(os.path.expanduser('~/.netrc'))
username, _, password = user_netrc.hosts['']
script_id = int(config.get(repo_name, 'script-id'))
zip_handle = open(zip_fname)
upload_release(script_id, username, password, version_str, approved_changelog, zip_fname, zip_handle)
# Open a web browser to check the results.
assert os.system('gnome-open ""' % script_id) == 0, \
"Failed to open script page on Vim Online!"
# Run a script after publishing the latest release? In my case this script
# updates the link to the latest ZIP archive on
after_hook = os.path.expanduser('~/bin/after-vim-plugin-release')
if os.path.exists(after_hook) and os.access(after_hook, os.X_OK):
assert os.system(after_hook) == 0, \
"Failed to run `after-vim-plugin-release' script!"
# We're done :-)
print "Done!"
def suggest_changelog(remote_origin_url, previous_release):
# Find the current and previous tags.
git_tags = os.popen('git tag | sort -Vr | head -n2', 'r')
current_tag = git_tags.readline().strip()
previous_tag = previous_release or git_tags.readline().strip()
range = previous_tag + '..' + current_tag
# Find changes between current and previous tags.
changelog = ''
repo_url = find_repo_url(remote_origin_url)
for line in reversed(list(os.popen('git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit ' + range, 'r'))):
commit_hash, commit_desc = line.split(None, 1)
changelog += ' \x95 %s:\n' % commit_desc.strip()
changelog += ' %s/commit/%s\n\n' % (repo_url, commit_hash)
return changelog.rstrip()
def find_repo_url(remote_origin_url):
prefix, location = remote_origin_url.split(':')
assert prefix == '' and location.endswith('.git'), \
"Failed to find GitHub repository location in git configuration!"
return '' + location[:-4]
def approve_changelog(suggested_changelog):
fname = '/tmp/vim-online-changelog'
handle = open(fname, 'w')
assert os.system('gvim -fc "e ++enc=cp1252 %s"' % fname) == 0, \
"Failed to approve change log?!"
handle = open(fname)
approved_changelog =
return approved_changelog.rstrip()
def upload_release(script_id, username, password, version, changelog, zip_fname, zip_handle):
# Open a session to Vim Online.
session = mechanize.Browser()"" % script_id)
# Fill in the login form.
session['userName'] = username
session['password'] = password
# Fill in the upload form.
session['vim_version'] = ['7.0']
session['script_version'] = version
session['version_comment'] = changelog
session.form.add_file(zip_handle, 'application/zip', zip_fname, 'script_file')
if __name__ == '__main__':
# vim: ts=4 sw=4 et
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