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Xolphin API wrapper for PHP

xolphin-php-api is a library which allows quick integration of the Xolphin REST API in PHP to automated ordering, issuance and installation of SSL Certificates.

About Xolphin

Xolphin is the largest supplier of SSL Certificates and Digital Signatures in the Netherlands. Xolphin has a professional team providing reliable support and rapid issuance of SSL Certificates at an affordable price from industry leading brands such as Comodo, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte and Symantec.

Library installation

Library can be installed via Composer

composer require xolphin/xolphin-api-php

And updated via

composer update xolphin/xolphin-api-php


Client initialization


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$client = new Xolphin\Client('<username>', '<password>');


Get list of requests

$requests = $client->request()->all();
foreach($requests as $request) {
    echo $request->id . "\n";

Get request by ID

$request = $client->request()->get(1234);
echo $request->id;

Request certificate

$products = $client->support()->products();

// request Comodo EssentialSSL certificate for 1 year
$request = $client->request()->create($products[1]->id, 1, '<csr_string>', 'EMAIL')
    //currently available languages: en, de, fr, nl
    ->addDcv(new \Xolphin\Requests\RequestDCV('test1.domain.com', 'EMAIL', 'email1@domain.com'))
    ->addDcv(new \Xolphin\Requests\RequestDCV('test2.domain.com', 'EMAIL', 'email2@domain.com'));


Reissue certificate

// Reissue a current certificate
$reissue = new \Xolphin\Requests\Reissue('<csr_string>', 'EMAIL');

$client->certificate()->reissue(<certificate_id>, $reissue);

Renew certificate

// Renew a current certificate
$currentCertificate = $client->certificate()->get(<certificate_id>);

$renew = new \Xolphin\Requests\Renew($currentCertificate->product, <years>, '<csr_string>', 'FILE');

$client->certificate()->renew(<certificate_id>, $renew)

Create a note

$result = $client->request()->sendNote(1234,'My message');

Get list of notes

$notes =  $client->request()->getNotes(1234);
foreach($notes as $note){
    echo $note->messageBody . "\n";

Send a "Comodo Subscriber Agreement" email

//currently available languages: en, de, fr, nl
$client->request()->sendComodoSAEmail(1234, 'mail@example.com', 'en');

Request an "Encryption Everywhere" certificate

$request = $this->_client->request()->createEE();
// if you just want to validate

$response = $this->_client->request()->sendEE($request);


Certificates list and expirations

$certificates = $client->certificate()->all();
foreach($certificates as $certificate) {
    echo $certificate->id . ' - ' . $certificate->isExpired() . "\n";

Download certificate

$certificates = $client->certificate()->all();
$cert = $client->certificate()->download($certificates[0]->id);
file_put_contents('cert.crt', $cert);


List of products

$products = $client->support()->products();
foreach($products as $product) {
    echo $product->id . "\n";

Decode CSR

$csr = $client->support()->decodeCSR('<your csr string>');
echo $csr->type;