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  • Enable minor updates to chromedriver to support chrome 65 (#681) (Colin McCulloch)
  • Check for existence of this.options._ before checking length (Aamir Kapasi)
  • update package.json (#675) (1996dylanriley)
  • Add --inspectMocha & --inspectBrkMocha flags for newer versions of node. (#661) (Bruce Johnson)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.51.0 (Sam Hatoum)


  • Attempting to fix firefox problem on circle (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fixing circle DBUS issue (Sam Hatoum)
  • Making Chrome update for bug fixes only (Sam Hatoum)
  • Updates browser dependencies. Fixes #666 #670 (Sam Hatoum)
  • Remove phantomjs as it's depcrated (Sam Hatoum)
  • Document global request function. (#671) (Don Schrimsher)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.50.2 (Sam Hatoum)


  • Removes cucumber as a bundled dependency (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.50.1 (Sam Hatoum)


  • update bump browser driver versions (#606) (Dheeraj Bhaskar)
  • Add multiremote support in browserstack manager (#633) (Vineet Naik)
  • Fixes debounce tests (Sam Hatoum)
  • fixes (#646) (Jordan Brant Baker)
  • Fixed issue in session-manager where "noSessionReuse" option was not read properly. (#643) (bjarketrux)
  • Fix README; 'how to can use' -> 'how to use' (#654) (daisy1754)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.50.0 (Łukasz Gandecki)


  • allow cucumber name option to run specific scenarios (tiagolr)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.49.1 (Lukasz Gandecki)


  • update node to current LTS version (Lukasz Gandecki)
  • lib/cucumberjs: catch runtime errors (William Boman)
  • fix: typo (Joscha Feth)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.49.0 (Lukasz Gandecki)


  • fix for 524 - slowdown overtime (Lukasz Gandecki)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.48.0 (Lukasz Gandecki)


  • Limit screenshot filename (lucetius)
  • Improve readability of failWhenNoTestsRun functionality (lucetius)
  • Handle Promises returned by tests (#605) (Mike Cardwell)
  • Fixes ending of process.stdin that caused errors when interrupting watch mode (lucetius)
  • Fix Cucumber Failure output (lucetius)
  • small clean up (Łukasz Gandecki)
  • small clean up (Łukasz Gandecki)
  • Add options and desired capabilities to browser instances (Tomasz Wilczek)
  • Trigger CircleCI build on new environment Ubuntu 14.04 (lucetius)
  • Update Selenium to 3.0.1 / Fix Firefox startup problem (lucetius)
  • Fix closing BrowserStack session on test end (lucetius)
  • Add support for capturing screenshots for Jasmine and Mocha (lucetius)
  • Add support for non-zero exit code for mocha and jasmine when no tests are found. (lucetius)
  • Add support for non-zero exit code when cucumber tests not found. (lucetius)
  • Fix embedded screenshots in JSON output (lucetius)
  • Update displayed github header text in tests (Tomasz Wilczek)
  • Fix duplicate removeListener for stderr and stdout / Update tests for process-helper (lucetius)
  • Handle chromedriver executable not found error (lucetius)
  • Fix command not found in versions check (lucetius)
  • Add --versions switch to output versions of Chimp dependencies (lucetius)
  • Fixed console log for multiple watchTags (lucetius)
  • Add path support in DDP url (lucetius)
  • Fix calling interrupt function when error occurs (lucetius)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.47.2 (Lukasz Gandecki)
  • Fix terminating application (lucetius)
  • Adds babel polyfill instead transform runtime plugin (lucetius)


  • Update cucumber to v1.3.0-chimp.2, add cucumber test for global pending (lucetius)
  • Fix fiberize function for throwing errors in tests (lucetius)
  • Fixes 560 pipe chimp stdin to test runner (tiagolr)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.47.1 (Sam Hatoum)


  • updating chromedeiver to 2.27.2 (#562) (Gregory Parsons)
  • Improves the release script (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds history (Sam Hatoum)


  • Fixes multiple ddp servers in watch mode (Sam Hatoum)
  • Use new wrapper-instance (Sam Hatoum)
  • Add commandline config example (Sam Hatoum)
  • Feature - Enable Mocha glob pattern (#555) (Evan Francis)
  • Fixes Selenium Hub error handling (#552) (lucetius)
  • Fixes mochaCommandLineOptions CLI parameter (#553) (lucetius)
  • Fixes new test stack configuration (Sam Hatoum)
  • fix Meteor multiple servers .execute() (#556) (Evan Francis)
  • Fixes random CircleCI fails (#559) (Sam Hatoum)
  • Improvement/move to mocha (#551) (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.46.0 (Sam Hatoum)


  • Feature multiple meteor servers (#549) (Evan Francis)
  • Create jsonOutput file only when cucumber steps are defined (#548) (lucetius)
  • Fixes received error null when using hostname (#547) (lucetius)
  • Updates safe-to-update npm dependencies (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fixes weirdo babel error (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fixes weirdo babel error (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update circle.yml (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.45.1 (Sam Hatoum)


  • add geckodriver to seleniumstandaloneoptions (#506) (Stephen Davidson)
  • Increase chromedriver version to 2.25. (#518) (Kyle Ian)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.45.0 (Sam Hatoum)


  • Updates to latest wdio-sync (Sam Hatoum)
  • mention mocha config breaking change in (#539) (Dheeraj Bhaskar)


  • Improvement/offline detection (#535) (Sam Hatoum)
  • Improvement/custom mocha options (#534) (Sam Hatoum)
  • Improvement/chrome driver mode (#533) (Sam Hatoum)


  • version bump (Lukasz Gandecki)
  • Fixes not reusing browser session in watch mode (lucetius)
  • readme (Greg Parsons)
  • adds npm-watch to allow running npm run watch to run the npm task 'prepublish' on changes to src/lib or src/bin (Greg Parsons)
  • Update phantom-spec.js (Mike Naughton)
  • Use new phantom_ignoreSSLErrors option (Mike Naughton)
  • Add configuration option for ignoring SSL errors (Mike Naughton)
  • made slack community clickable (Dheeraj Bhaskar)
  • added new line for formatting (Dheeraj Bhaskar)
  • added back the new lines (Dheeraj Bhaskar)
  • Make Community links explicit (Dheeraj Bhaskar)
  • Use a valid base64 image/png encoding when attaching screenshots to a scenario (fixes #462) (Logan Koester)
  • Fixes circle config file syntax (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.41.2 (Sam Hatoum)
  • use a released version of xolvio sync-webdriverio instead of a github link (lgandecki)
  • Adds direct chromedriver functionality (lucetius)


  • Refactor timeout variable (lucetius)
  • Proper cucumber close, preventing tests from running, closing browser (lucetius)
  • Meteor error handling - WIP (lucetius)
  • Adds proper error handling when meteor is not running (lucetius)
  • Change default timeout value in server.execute (lucetius)
  • Fix proper timeouts error handling for server.execute (lucetius)
  • Remove initSync for init single browser, change xolvio-sync-webdriverio version to support browser.desiredCapabilities and browser.options (lucetius)


  • Removes duplicate circle config (Sam Hatoum)
  • increase chromedriver (Maxim Chouinard)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • reverted request to a previous version. 2.74.0 doesn't install on node v4 (lgandecki)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fix for 2 vulnerable dependency paths (Snyk Community)


  • Update selenium-standalone to the latest version (Sam Hatoum)
  • Add Xolvio messages to users (Sam Hatoum)


  • Use phantomjs-prebuilt from the Medium team (Sam Hatoum)
  • Updates Cucumber to 1.3.0-chimp.1 (fixes 432) (Sam Hatoum)
  • Rewrite of the Domain vs E2E runs (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fixes DEBUG parsing (Sam Hatoum)


  • Fix automocking of wrappy library (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fix hanging selenium in non-watch mode (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fix debug logging when running Chimp programmatically (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fix hanging selenium in non-watch mode (Sam Hatoum)


  • Stop piping stdin as it messes with Gulp and is not needed (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.40.5 (Sam Hatoum)


  • Update fibers - support for Node v6.5.0 (Daniel Bayerlein)
  • Update fiberize util function (lucetius)
  • Add backtrace option value to cucumber exec option (lucetius)
  • Use updated version of cucumber with support for global pending (lucetius)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fix deprecated usage of cucumber hooks (Jez Stephens)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds the release notes for v0.40.4 (Sam Hatoum)
  • change the selenium version parameter to browserVersion (dankelleher)


  • No need to checkout (Sam Hatoum)


  • Fixes history file not being commited (Sam Hatoum)
  • Automatically writes the commit history to the file (Sam Hatoum)


  • Update (Sam Hatoum)
  • Automatically writes the commit history to the file (Sam Hatoum)


  • Updated to 1.2.2 version of xolvio/cucumber (lgandecki)


  • Make Cucumber.js a bundledDependency (Sam Hatoum)


  • Fixing issue #430 (Duc Tri Le)


  • Nicer approach to setting the args (Joe Farro)
  • allow seleniumStandaloneOptions.seleniumArgs to be set - fixes #428 (Joe Farro)
  • use the newest current version of node for circle testing (lgandecki)
  • getting rid of the remains of chimp widgets (lgandecki)
  • updated version of cucumberjs (lgandecki)
  • Removes chimp-widgets. Fixes #333 (Sam Hatoum)
  • updating node-fibers version (Greg Parsons)
  • updating circle node version (Greg Parsons)
  • updating packages relying on fs (Greg Parsons)


  • Updated to PhantomJS 2
  • Updates Mocha to 2.53


  • Fixes Cucumber.js error conditioning


  • Adds mochaGrep field
  • Extracts the selenium-standalone options
  • Allows custom Phantom-bin path
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Simian fixes


  • Feature: Support for multibrowser testing


  • Fix (#351): When the browser.debug() statement is hit I expect to continue the test by pressing [ENTER] in the console window.


  • Only take screenshots on errors in CI environment (when CI environment variable is set to a truthy value) (fixes #344). This fixes the problem that Chrome focuses when an error happens.
  • Use timeoutsImplicitWait default of 0 again (fixes #348, fixes #330). Because the implicit wait will always wait the full 3000 seconds when the element has not been found initially. It has no concept of a retry interval as assumed.


  • Fixes jasmine watch mode


  • Feature: Adds jasmine.addSpecFilter API for adding custom spec filters.


  • Fix: Overwrite options with array values completely instead of merging the default array value and the user array value.
  • Fix: Multiple watch tags with Jasmine


  • Feature: Support for Jasmine
  • Upgrade: 4 is now used.
    • Breaking change: The webdriverio async API no longer supports callbacks, only promises.
  • Fix: Take only screenshots of errors to disk by default.
  • Change: Set timeoutsImplicitWait to 3 seconds by default


  • Fixes default option value for deviceName. So webdriverio no longer defaults to mobile mode.


  • Updates to 3.4.0
  • Support for all webdriverio options in config
  • Breaking change: Removed the feature where you could do a custom initialization of webdriver via a chimp.js file. Pass the webdriverio options via the config file instead.
  • Breaking change: Moved webdriverio specific options under the webdriverio config key. All options that are documented (here)[] are supported.
    • Moved options:
      • baseUrl --> webdriverio.baseUrl
      • waitForTimeout -> webdriverio.waitforTimeout
      • webdriverLogLevel -> webdriverio.logLevel
    • Removed options:
      • that can be configured via desiredCapabilities now
        • chromeBin
        • chromeArgs
        • chromeNoSandbox
        • browserstackLocal
        • tunnelIdentifier
      • that can be configured via the webdriverio API
  • Use ia32 architecture for Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Output cucumber hook errors to the console
  • Fix: Saving screenshots
  • Fix: Use https:// for downloading selenium drivers (fixes #291)


  • Better Appium support (195ad5a)
  • Fixes Simian reporting error when no specs were executed


  • Fixes ES2015 support when using NPM 3 (Node.js 5)
  • Fixes ES2015 support when using Windows
  • Support for passing arguments without an equal sign


  • ES2015 support for Mocha tests


  • Fixes watchTags and DDP errors in Mocha


  • Adds --domainSteps for critical steps mode


  • Adds custom config file option
  • Fixes missing global pending callback


  • Support for reporting multiple results for the same build to Simian.
  • Fixes getting JSON result from Cucumber (regression from 0.26.0).


  • Updates Cucumber.js to 0.9.4 from 0.5.3
  • ES2015 support for Cucumber step definitions
  • Fixes and updates selenium-standalone and IE driver
  • Fixes synchronous execution of custom commands
  • Fixes this context in custom commands and waitUntil conditions to be the synchronous remote (the same as global.browser)


  • Fixes BrowserStack local testing


  • Addition of SessionFactory and BrowserStack and SauceLabs session managers (Derek Hamilton)
  • Changed chimp helper to configure the widget driver after loading the browser (Lewis Wright)
  • Adds the Tunnel Identifier (Sam Hatoum)


  • Improves singleSnippetPerFile mode tet


  • Removes automatic npm install
  • Adds singleSnippetPerFile mode


  • Sets an implicit wait of 3 seconds
  • Adds support for critical runs


  • Option --simianRepositoryId for passing repositoryId to Simian (#210)


  • Fixes multiple -r / --require options
  • Fixes a spec dependency problem
  • Increases Mocha slow timer to 10s for e2e tests
  • Removes xolvio:cucumber (RIP)
  • Updates npm request
  • Fixes the loading order from --path


  • Fixes client.debug() not continuing when pressing ENTER


  • Adds Meteor hot-code-push listener to the watcher so Chimp reruns after Meteor reloads
  • Deprecates the xolvio:cucumber package in favor of Chimp
  • Improves caching on circle


  • Adds server.execute() for executing code on the Meteor server
  • Upgrades selenium, chrome-driver and IEDriver (#185)
  • Fixes issue with path ((#143)
  • Fixes method for the case when the first param is a falsy value
  • Report the branch to the Simian result API


  • Adds color to Mocha console report
  • Improves failure chimp logs


  • Fixes missing self reference issue


  • Adds support for Mocha e2e testing (instead of Cucumber)
  • Applies environment variable white listing only to the debug output

0.19.3 - 0.19.5

  • Renames widgets to chimpWidgets
  • Fixes memory hogging through screenshot capturing

0.19.1 - 0.19.2

  • Fixes version issues between xolvio:cucumber and chimp


  • Start tests in Velocity.startup (Jonas Aschenbrenner)
  • Wait for tests before starting tests in CI (Jonas Aschenbrenner)
  • Start mirror in Velocity.startup (Jonas Aschenbrenner)
  • Generates history from git commits (Sam Hatoum)
  • Merges Chimp and meteor-cucumber codebases (Sam Hatoum)
  • Adds user-defined world support (Sam Hatoum)
  • Extracts setup of browser, ddp, assertion libraries and global logic to a helper (Sam Hatoum)
  • Fixes memory hogging screeshot logic (Sam Hatoum)
  • Extracts the DDP logic from the world and adds tests (Sam Hatoum)
  • Pass through the specified host and consume in the session manager (Dane Harnett)

0.15.x - 0.18.x

  • Merged the Chimp & meteor-cucumber code and bumped meteor-cucumber to match Chimp's latest version


  • Updates Chimp to 0.18.0
  • Adds multiple feature running


  • Updates Velocity core


  • Adds a CI "once" mode


  • Updating to chimp 0.17.1


  • Updates sample specs to synchronous mode
  • Updating to chimp 0.17.0
    • Adds CHROME_ARGS option


  • Updating to chimp 0.16.0
    • Adds CHROME_BIN option


  • Updating to chimp 0.15.4
  • Reinstates chimp-widgets


  • Meteor 1.2 compatible
  • Updating to chimp 0.15.3
  • Synchronous WebdriverIO (breaking change)
  • Jasmine assertions by default instead of chai (breaking change)
  • Global pending() and fail() methods available in steps
  • Screenshots can be attached in the JSON report
  • Screenshots name match the step that produced them
  • Screenshots can be captured for all steps (not just failing ones)


  • Updating to chimp 0.12.10


  • Updating to chimp 0.12.9


  • Broken connection duff releases


  • Improved logging in Chimp


  • Using env-set as a temporary workaround to issue in sanjo:long-running-child-process


  • Uses Chimp update which contains logging improvements and bug fix for runAll button


  • Added CHIMP_DEBUG to allow debugging of the Chimp and Cucumber child processes
  • Added CHIMP_NODE_OPTIONS for finer control over the node process that starts chimp
  • Added DEBUG_CUCUMBER and DEBUG_BRK_CUCUMBER that allows you to debug steps
  • Pending tests are now considered a failure
  • Improved logging


  • Updated to chimp v0.12.2
  • Updated HTML-reporter
  • Added offline switch to Chimp
  • Added Simian reporting delegate to Chimp
  • Fixed sample tests to use new WebdriverIO promises
  • Cucumber now only resets its own reports


  • Exposing the SIMIAN_ACCESS_TOKEN flag for chimp


  • Upgraded to Chimp 0.12.0 which gives the following:
    • Result reporting to
    • Cleans up logs
    • Uses NPM of the main running process


  • You can now run all specs from the HTML reporter with one button to get feedback over the whole suite
  • Increased de-bounce window for multiple-client rerun issue


  • Updated to Chimp 0.10.1 which detects unhandled promise rejections and fixes 'chimp server' issue
  • Results from bad chimp runs are now shown in the reporter
  • Fix for hanging pulsating dot for specs that don't pass / are pending
  • Improved logging


  • Updated to Chimp 0.10.0 (includes Webdriver 3.0)
  • Fixes multiple selenium server starting issues
  • Chrome is now the default browser


  • Fixes issue where Chrome takes the focus when screenshots for errors are taken (# 142)
  • In development mode no screenshots are taken when you use a non-headless browser (Needed to fix # 142)


  • Merged the parallel execution branch (**** yea!)


  • Added a CUCUMBER_TAIL environment variable to tail the cucumber.log in the main console
  • Added a INSTALL_DEPENDENCIES environment variable for CI build caching purposes
  • Updated to latest chimp which uses updated Chai, Chai-as-promised, selenium, chrome/ie drivers


  • Installs chimp dependencies on main process startup to support build caching on CI servers


  • Automatically downloads npm dependencies when a package.json file is found in /tests/cucumber

0.8.1 - 0.8.9

  • Ton of bug fixes
  • Sorry for sloppy release note :)


  • Uses latest cuke-monkey
  • Works on Windows
  • Updated examples to use new syntax


  • Now using a long-running child process for cuke-monkey
  • Moved process management logic to cuke-monkey
  • Added a CUKE_MONKEY_SWITCHES env var to pass raw switches to cuke monkey
  • Now watches @dev tags by default. VELOCITY_CI env var can be used on CI severs to run all tags
  • Added direct cuke monkey arg passing


  • Ignore files in tests/cucumber/node_modules


  • Bumping cuke-monkey version


  • Changes to app/test code will restart even stale cucumber runs
  • Improved process management. Phantom/Selenium are now killed on app/test code changes


  • Fixed console reporter issue

0.6.1 - 0.6.2

  • Attempting to add docs to atmosphere


  • Increased stability by using cuke-monkey npm package
  • Rewrote the core
  • Improved error messaging by reducing noise
  • Works with the new Velocity mirrors
  • Moved all runner code into the mirror
  • Added experimental parallel testing mode
  • Includes a DDP connection to the mirror by default
  • Sample tests are much simpler now with a fixture, ddp and webdriver example
  • Uses new smaller reporter
  • Experimental support for parallel testing


  • Fix for fs-extra


  • Fixed compatibility with Meteor 1.0.4+ for client reloading
  • Updated all dependencies
  • Added fs-extra for lower level fs tests


  • Fix for Module._cache busting (file changes not working)


  • Upgraded cucumber.js to 0.4.8


  • Bumping webdriver version


  • Baked in Chai and Chai-as-promised into step defs


  • Major bump of node-soft-mirror and webdriver versions


  • Fixed issue with patching. bindEnvironment no longer needed


  • Fixing error in sample tests


  • Added ability to disable cucumber with CUCUMBER=0 env var
  • Simplified the example world config
  • Added a viewport sizing config in the hooks


  • Fixed # 30 - Nasty bug that showed failures as passes!

0.3.1 - 0.3.3

  • Bumping HTML reporter, webdriver and mirror versions


  • Includes HTTP package for testing restful E2E calls
  • Updated cucumber to version 0.4.7
  • Now includes webdriver by default
  • Example world sets up Webdriver

0.2.0 - 0.2.4

  • Void (connection issues messed up build on package server)


  • Fixed issue with mirror starting
  • Improved logging
  • Swapped lodash to underscore


  • Actually using semvar now!
  • Bumped velocity
  • Logging now includes full package name


  • Improved de-bouncing
  • Updated sample tests


  • Bumping versions


  • Uses new soft mirror
  • Runs steps in fibers (Auto wraps step definition callbacks with Meteor.bindEnvironment)


Bumping to velocity 1.0.0-rc4


Fixing versions


Using Velocity RC3


Now works with a mirror


Fixed sample test copying Hid Before/After steps from showing when they don't error


Initial release. Simple cucumberjs + velocity integration