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For NPM Chimp


  • We use Babel to compile our ES2015 code to ES5.
  • The compiled ES5 code is in the dist/ folder.
  • You can compile the code with npm run prepublish. This is done automatically before you publish a release.


You can run npm run watch to use npm-watch to run the npm task prepublish automatically on change to src/lib or src/bin.

Running tests

You can use Wallaby if you own it or just run npm test.

Running Chimp

The run script will compile the source code before running Chimp.

./scripts/run.js <CHIMP_ARGUMENTS>

Release a new version

  • Update the documentation
  • Bump the version with npm version <patch|minor|major>. Use the Semantic versioning conventions for bumping the version.
  • Publish the new release with: npm publish